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Selecting WooCommerce Blocks Output Type

All Toolset WooCommerce blocks have a selector to choose their output type. This can be either the native WooCommerce or Toolset's custom output.

In your pages and templates, you can combine Toolset WooCommerce blocks that use both of these output types.

Block Output selector on the Toolset WooCommerce Cart Message block

Toolset’s Custom Output

This output type allows you to apply custom design to WooCommerce elements.

When using this output type:

  • You have full control over designing Toolset WooCommerce blocks.
  • If you use one of the recommended themes, your design for Toolset WooCommerce blocks will appear the same in the editor and on the front-end.

With this output type you do not only create custom WooCommerce pages and templates but also apply custom styling to WooCommerce elements as well.

WooCommerce Native Output

When using this output type, desing of WooCommerce elements is defined by the following:

  • The basic styling is provided by the WooCommerce plugin itself.
  • Your site’s theme may also apply its own custom styling.
  • There are plugins that may also alter the output of WooCommerce elements.

Because of this, please note the following:

  • The appearance of the Toolset WooCommerce blocks in the editor may be different than the front-end.
  • Toolset WooCommerce blocks with this output type have less designing options than with the Toolset’s custom output.

Use this output type if you are happy with your theme’s design for WooCommerce elements. In this case, you can still create custom WooCommerce pages and templates. You choose what to show and where to show it without the need to apply any custom styling.