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[Resuelto] Woocommerce Several problems to report

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Last updated by Fabian hace 3 años, 6 meses.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Hi Nigel How are you?

Definitely by including the famous Div, everything has returned to normal and the color change in the variations works correctly. For this part, all great.

But not all are good news. When making this change something else happens, which I have long wanted to report to Toolsets, but I didn't do it because I didn't know exactly why it happened.

I explain.

When you enter the Woocommerce Views settings and touch anything, the templates you have assigned to the products lose the assignment and they all go to the first template.

That is, for example, on this website I have several templates, depending on the type of product.

The first template is called 00 Original Woocommerce. I do it this way, because I generate a template similar to that of woocommerce but with some customization. This template is used by most products.

But there are other products that use another template. 01 Collection products. They are products that have another design for the type of product or its particularities.

There are some other templates.

The fact is that when marking the DIV and saving the changes, all the products become the first template and sometimes I have seen how suddenly, they have no template.

For example, yesterday the client after the change told me that all collection products were now seen as a normal woocommerce product. When I checked it, everyone was assigned the original 00 woocommerce template.

As you can imagine, this is a real problem because the customer has had to put each template one by one again on those specific products, but they are more than 100 products. Work hours.

I already knew this problem and I usually make a backup before the database, but yesterday I did not and it happened again.

It would be convenient for you to check if this happens to you too and find a solution, because I don't want to imagine what can happen if we talk about hundreds of products.

Sorry to always be the bearer of bad news !!!



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Gah. That is annoying.

I just tested on my local vanilla test site and can confirm this happens.

Sorry about that. I've shared the details with my second tier colleagues who will escalate this to the developers to be fixed.

I'll keep you posted.


You see that everything happens to me and I don't complain about vice ...

Ok Nigel, I wait for your news.

I take this opportunity to make a recommendation that perhaps in this regard can help the client a lot.

As you already know, many templates can be made, but they are not always used for use with a custom Post type. The problem is that if you do many and all of them appear in the box to choose the template you want within the post, it can be confusing for the amount of them, both for the client and for us.

I would suggest that there is an option that allows a template to be able to appear or not appear in that section, with the aim of determining which templates we are interested in whether or not they appear on that site and that they do not accumulate. That would help to discard everything that is not essential for the job.

For example, I had to look for a system that is to name them as 00, 01, 02, etc. so that they appear in the order that I want, leaving the others below. It is a way of knowing that those with numbers are for post types and the others are for other things. But the really ideal thing would be if they didn't appear there

I don't know if I explained myself well.




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You have, I understand perfectly well.

But this would be a feature request, and those must be submitted through the request form at

I can't escalate it internally, the form goes directly to the product manager who can evaluate and who determines the development priorities.


Ok ok, I understand it perfectly and I already imagined it.

I'll put it there then.

Thank you



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Hi Fabian

We've just been doing some house-keeping, and I see that the outstanding issue with this thread—that the templates assigned individually to different products were reset to the default when saving the WooCommerce Views settings page—was fixed with an earlier release of WooCommerce Views.

If you are up-to-date with the plugin versions then you should hopefully have been able to confirm this yourself.

In any case, please let me know if you still see the issue, otherwise I think we can close.


Hi Nigel. I apologize ... I thought this was already closed. The problem was effectively fixed with the subsequent update that was made. Thank you