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[Resuelto] Woocommerce Several problems to report

This support ticket is created hace 3 años, 1 mes. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

Este es el foro de soporte técnico para Toolset: un paquete de plugines para el desarrollo de sitios WordPress sin escribir PHP.

Cualquier persona puede leerlo, pero solo los clientes de Toolset pueden publicar en este foro. El soporte de Toolset atiende 6 días a la semana, 19 horas por día.

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Last updated by Fabian hace 2 años, 6 meses.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Hi Nigel As I mentioned in the other ticket that we have open, I report two more problems related to Woocommerce and Toolsets.

Problem 1

Product list with variations product

In Woocommerce, from a list of products you can add any simple product to the cart, but with the variable products, when you click on the purchase button, it is added to the cart and takes you to the product file. I should not take you to the product page if you choose the variations from the page itself.

Video 1
hidden link

Problem 2

This is a curious and long problem to explain, because I had to do a lot of tests. Please be patient.
With a toolsets template, in the simple product page, sometimes, in Woocommerce, the products do not change color according to their variations.
I have a web A and a web B.

Both with Avada, Woocommerce and Toolsets. They are very similar.

I have disconnected all the plugins, reviewed the settings, the fields of the template and I have even tried the template of web A on web B and I did not find anything strange. On the web A it works correctly and on the web B it does not work. Interestingly, on web A, the client does not care, but on web B, the client is very interested in it working correctly.

If in Web B we disconnect Toolsets, the color changes, work correctly.

Video 2
hidden link

I think the videos are very clarifying. If you need access, there is no problem.



In Woocommerce, from a list of products you can add any simple product to the cart, but with the variable products, when you click on the purchase button, it is added to the cart and takes you to the product file.
Hi, AJAX add-to-cart submissions with the wpv-woo-buy-or-select feature currently only work in simple product listings. I found some other posts online discussing workarounds for this:

And a third-party plugin that claims to work as well:

If you'd like to see Toolset support AJAX add-to-cart functionality for variable products, I encourage you to submit your request here:

With a toolsets template, in the simple product page, sometimes, in Woocommerce, the products do not change color according to their variations.
May I have access to the site where this problem is occuring? Private reply fields are active here.


This page shows a 404 error for me, and I am unable to login.
hidden link


Sorry for the inconvenience Christian.

Not that this could happen. It wasn't working for me either.

Please try again. It should work now.



With a toolsets template, in the simple product page, sometimes, in Woocommerce, the products do not change color according to their variations.
Please update to Avada 6+ to fix this issue. In my local environment, updating Avada and Fusion plugins solved the problem.

If we add the variations to the archive page and the user has the possibility to choose the variation there and click on buy, and also the product is added to the cart, what is the point of taking it to the product page?
I see, thank you for the explanation. I asked my 2nd tier team about this, and they discussed with our developers. The developer who originally created this feature is no longer with us, and other developers do not see the need for a redirect here. This will be looked at and addressed in due time, though we recommend *not* showing the product variations so that you have the same behaviour as the WooCommerce default, namely that you are redirected to the single product page *before* seeing and choosing the different options.


Dear Christian.

From the most absolute respect I tell you the following:

I am surprised that the problem in your local environment has been fixed by upgrading to Avada 6.0. I am even more surprised that you have taken it for granted (I understand that from this, you know much more than me). I have updated to Avada 6.0 and of course it has NOT been fixed.

hidden link

As for the second answer I had to read it several times, because I can't believe what I read. What a solution! Something that makes Toolsets with Woocommerce different and much better, the solution is not to use it, until they see it at the time.
The most difficult thing is done, but it is seen that removing the redirection must be quite complicated.

After this experience and those that I am already accumulating, I am very sorry, but my conclusion is as follows:

It is a real waste of time to make videos to facilitate your work, because the impression is that you do not see them or you simply do not pay attention.

It is a real time order to report Toolset problems, because whatever they are, everything goes very smoothly. This is like buying a car and going to the workshop every day to explain what is missing in the car. I do not buy a car to continually explain to the manufacturer how many errors and failures the car has. And if I do, what I hope is that they invest at least the same time I spend going to the workshop to explain the problems.

It is a real waste of time to create and provide exclusively for you a safe testing environment and explain that you can do all the tests you need, because you do not use it. If you used it, you wouldn't tell me that in your local environment the problem is solved by upgrading to Avada 6.0. If you had used it in the environment I have prepared for it, you would not tell me what you are telling me.

It is a real waste of time to create credentials so that you can access the websites and FTP.

It is more than evident that the product (Toolsets) is not properly tested (although you say yes) and it is more than evident that you are not even aware of some problems that in my opinion are sometimes serious.

And of course I begin to feel a little complex, because I must be the only fool in the world to whom very strange things happen with Toolsets.

In any case, I am not going to bother you anymore with my problems and of course I will not report anything else because it is a real waste of time that I do not have and that frustrates me and despairs because I have to lose hours in doing tests and tests and more tests before talking to you, then make a useless video, create credentials and create a safe environment so that you can work, waiting for a solution, which in the end almost never arrives or arrives too late or worse yet, there are meaningless answers and little Seriously, to end up sending an email like this, that makes me even more desperate and that I also know, that it won't do anything.

Surely you are overworked (me too). Maybe it's not your fault (but I don't care) or maybe the language doesn't help us (although I suppose if I can understand you, you can understand me). What I do know is that the last queries have not helped me at all.

It's a shame, because I really like Toolsets and I already started using it in my projects, but I feel that I can't trust the product and also the technical support.
I am willing to understand that there are errors, that certain problems may arise, and I was very willing to collaborate and help as necessary, but what I am not willing under any circumstances is to throw my time and work in the trash. It is not fair and it is not reasonable.

Thanks for your time



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Hi Fabian

Nigel here, I'm the Toolset Support leader, so let me respond to your comments, and I'm also taking over this thread as the issue is still unresolved, and I'll see if we can make some progress.

It seems like Christian initially misunderstood your first issue, but then shared the feedback we had from the developers (which I understand you are not happy with, and which I'll return to). And with the second issue he made a mistake. I've spoken with him about it, and he had taken a duplicate of your site and installed it locally, seen the issue, tried to reproduce the issue on a local clean test site (which is always necessary if we are to correctly identify problems that the developers need to fix), thought he had, and so when updating Avada to the latest version and no longer seeing the issue, had shared that as a possible solution. But it seems like he was mixing up his browser tabs because going back to his test site he cannot reproduce the issue, even after downgrading Avada.

It doesn't help you to know that Christian is an excellent supporter—normally very thorough and technically capable—if he had an off day, which perhaps he did, as the reason his response was delayed was that he was off sick.

We really do take our support role very seriously, and our priority is to help our clients get on with delivering solutions for their clients.

But there is the context of the development workload.

Toolset is not a single plugin with a narrowly defined function set. It's a suite of plugins with a broad range of features that mean it touches on many parts of the WordPress ecosystem, but does mean very many potential points of failure. That's the environment in which the developers have to evaluate and prioritise the different issues and requests that come in.

Regarding the first issue—that on product archives selecting product variations redirects to the single product page—the feedback from the developers which Christian shared with you was that it doesn't look sensible, the original developer is no longer around to ask why, but that we'll take a look at changing it, and in the meantime you should remove that attribute so that you instead get the default WooCommerce behaviour.

Now, re-reading Christian's reply the "meantime" was missing from his description, so if you understood that to mean that we won't fix it, sorry, that is not the case.

But I wouldn't want you to think that it will be changed overnight. Given that it has always worked like this, and we don't have other clients complaining about it, that suggests that it's not a feature that people use, and so while the developers have agreed to review and possibly change it, I would be misleading you if I said every issue will be treated as a matter of urgency, because not everything can be a priority.

It is certainly not a waste of time to create staging sites for us to test issues—although we will always need to try and reproduce on a vanilla site—and I have found your videos to be useful for demonstrating what can be complex problems (although commenting on what you are doing in the video would be even more helpful).

So, I hope you will continue to use Toolset and continue to report problems that you encounter. We will do our best to help you resolve them, or to prompt the developers to provide fixes where required, as soon as is practicable.

Now, as I say I'm going to take over this thread to review the second issue. I haven't started to examine the problem yet, so I'll need some time to review your site, and I'll write again with my findings.


Dear Nigel.

I appreciate your answer and take the reins of the problem.

I am convinced that Christian is a good person and very capable. I doubt that people in the support can work other than. The truth is that here the problem is not Christian. Maybe you are not aware of the background.

If you have time and interest, I would like you to read this long thread and draw your own conclusions. First analyze the problems, then the explanations and initial solutions proposed and how they were resolved with their times.

Put yourself in the client's place for a moment. As normal as it may be in the world of programming, assess whether it is reasonable for the client to:

• Accept that the program does not work as it should.
• That you encounter a multitude of errors (some inexplicable taking into account the years of development you have)
• Be making reports and more reports of problems.
• Explain several times the same problem even delivering videos and providing resources to help solve it.

Forget about me for a moment and think about how you would feel.
I, in my life and my work, try to be an honest, constructive and reasonable person. Summarizing is not among my virtues. And even having doubts that you have time and desire to read both the thread and this email, I will try to explain how I feel.

• I am perfectly aware of the difficulty of the environment in which we move.
• I know what programming implies.
• Fix one thing and it spoils another ...
• That a programmer cannot foresee all scenarios.
• I can become aware of the difficulty of managing an application like Toolsets with respect to any other plugin or even a theme.

I live in your world and I understand it. And because I understand it, I assume that part of my job is to fight with this.

However, it seems that these situations have been normalized so that everything must be understood.

Unfortunately, our customers (the end customer), do not usually understand any of this. In fact, they don't even imagine it.
I, as a client, assume that you offer me a tool that will help me and simplify my work.

In my opinion there are several possible scenarios when requesting technical support. The most common can be:

1- Help to do something that I am not able to do
2- An idea or improvement of the product that I could use very well.
3- That you fix a problem that your product has and that prevents me from continuing with my work.

Under normal conditions, your priorities are marked by you or the address of your company and I suppose that we will all have to be understanding in order to reach a middle ground in which we both solve the problems.

But of course, if there is something that works poorly or does not work on your product, in my opinion that is a priority. I do not say that it has to be fixed tomorrow, not even next week, but to be discussing days about an obvious problem in which I present a video, an explanation of the tests performed, a safe environment of tests and that the answer is :

• Better use this and not the other
• You better not use this option
• The problem is with your server
• The problem is in the resources
• The problem is the Avada update
• The problem is everywhere except here ...

I am sorry, for whatever reason, the work is not being done as it should be and in the end this only causes delays, anger, frustration and discontent.

Look at your particular case.

I reported a most strange problem. I am aware that it is rare.
Just by your words, I knew you investigated it. Even despite the initial chaos in which I had to switch to a testing environment and removed things that were at the beginning, you searched for them, found them and knew how to see the fault. You gave me a logical, coherent and very professional explanation.

It took you days to give me an update. You told me that you have it located but that you still don't have a solution. You give me a consistent temporary trick while solving the problem.

I can only say, perfect, I am calm, they are seeing it. I understand it because it is a really strange problem.

But if the problem had been that the interface button that should appear on the left, does it on the right or does not appear, that the functionality must do one thing and does not, or that I cannot use a functionality because the interface He doesn't let me, I don't know what you will think, but I get angry. If you answer this with meaningless things, then I despair and I can even cry in anger.

Although it is unfair to generalize, the impression I have is that most of the support services that I have to deal with, initially downplay the problem and give you the most curious answers. Sometimes it seems we are dumb.

When you insist, then it seems that they take it more seriously, but it will depend on the person who attends to you that it gets somewhere. Meanwhile, days have been lost.

So, as I try to be a collaborative and reasonable person who is aware of the problem, I go one step further and think ...
• We speak different languages ​​and handle translators
• They will be full of problems and queries.
• It is a very strange problem.
• I will do tests to verify that it is not a mistake of mine or a conflict before reporting any problems.

After hours of testing I think ...

• I will record a detailed video and explaining the problem. I generate a copy of the web so that they work calmly and can do all the tests they need.

In the end I find what is already widely explained.

I'm sorry it's not reasonable

Your time is important, of course, but mine is important too. Everything has a limit.

And even understanding the problems of the environment and possible priorities, it is not a reasonable answer to say:
• We have no customer complaints about this
• This is rarely used
• No one has told us any of this.

I will tell you that after buying and paying for Toolsets, I found a lot of mistakes and problems that made me doubt and I was about to put it aside because I got tired and did not report anything.

Customers and users may not report things for many reasons or it may take a long time to do so. I assure you that I test applications continuously and that on many occasions I do not waste time in making reports.

If a functionality is implemented in a program, it has to work. Whether they use it a lot or use it a little.
My discontent does not come from yesterday. Yesterday was the drop that made the glass overflow. Because the more I get into Toolsets, the more I realize that many things fail.

Because every time I try to go one step further, I only find problems that make me wonder, has this really not been reported by anyone? Has anyone noticed this problem?

Some of them are sometimes inexplicable. I realize that they are not properly tested.

And I know that they are not the fault of the support team, but what I hope is that if I report the problem (sometimes obvious problems that look clear like water) they do not waste me any more time.

It is not logical that I inform you that you have a problem in the interface that prevents you from using a functionality and that the first answer is, better use it in another way. It is not reasonable, especially since at least 1 day can pass between each reply.

Rest assured, that before reporting anything, I already did all kinds of tests, conflicts, theme, server, etc.

I opted for Toolsets because I considered that it can help differentiate me, to create better, more complete, more refined, more professional jobs. I thought it was the best possible tool to enrich my knowledge and experience with WordPress.

I didn't bet on Toolsets to:

• Continually report problems.
• Take tests and more tests.
• Write emails in Spanish and translate them into English
• Create detailed videos
• Generate credentials
• Generate test environments
• Wait for reply
• Start over again to explain what I already explained.
• Feeling bad about myself for getting angry and speaking badly to the person who is in support and who is also not to blame for the program not working properly

I do not want to extend more and give more turns to the same.

If my experience as a user and client helps you improve, it will be great. If you consider that I am another stupid and unbearable customer, delete the email and I promise not to bother you with anything else. I am already tired of writing and writing to everyone. I do not pay or get paid to write.

But of course, the next time I report a problem with Toolsets or any other technical support, I have to be very clear that my effort will serve something because I cannot use my time to throw it away.

I apologize to Christian, to you or to anyone who might have offended you with my words, but they are the result of my despair.

Thanks for your time.



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Hi Fabian

I feel like I should be sitting down with you to discuss the larger points you've raised over a coffee, but I will respond here later, but first I want to work on the outstanding issue itself.

I tried to access the site with the credentials you provided earlier, but I can't visit the /webgestion/ link, I get a 404, which it seems was an issue before.

Can you fix that so that I can log in to the site?


Hi Nigel Excuse the inconvenience. This already happened the other day too. I think I have already solved the problem.

Try now. You should be able to access.

You already tell me



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I took a copy of the site locally. I've done some extensive testing myself, and haven't been able to determine the problem.

I did notice, when comparing a vanilla test site with the sample WooCommerce content, that the JS event listener on the form (for the variation select dropdown) propagates to the div with the image gallery on the vanilla site but doesn't on your site, so the issue appears to be with the JS that responds to selecting a different variation and updates the gallery.

You can get a sense of that in the video here: hidden link

I'm preparing a simplified version of your site with minimal plugins and twentynineteen theme and with a bare-bones content template that demonstrates the issue to share with my colleague that worked on your other site, but creating the duplicator is taking a long time, I'm taking a break now and will come back to it later.

He works tomorrow and I'll be sure he has what he needs to be able to work on it then.


Ok Nigel Thanks for your update.

I will be operational tomorrow in case you need anything.




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Screenshot 2019-08-23 at 13.04.52.png
Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 07.04.15.png

This one may actually be very simple.

I didn't, but my colleague noticed that in the WooCommerce settings you turned off the setting "Add a container DIV around the post body for WooCommerce styling." (It's on by default.)

Note the text description for that you can see in the screenshot.

That would explain why the product gallery wasn't responding to the events from changes in the variation selector.

You can see it working on my slimmed-down version of your site here: hidden link

Can you try the same on your site.

Also note that I noticed while trying to debug this a problem with quotes in your template, see the second screenshot.


Hi Nigel

Sure enough, now it works. Is incredible. I would not have discovered it in a million years.

I never disconnect that option, but I think I remember that at some point when there were problems, I tried to disconnect it in case it helped and it looks like it was disconnected. I would never have imagined that this could be the problem.

I also thank you that you have drawn my attention to the other error. I knew there was something strange, but I didn't find the problem. I don't know how those quotes could get there.

I do not think that affected the colors, because it is something later that was implemented temporarily in this month of August.

We can say that this problem is solved.
Thank you very much for the help and effort.

I guess we have that coffee pending. If one day I go to the United States or you come to Spain, we are pending.
Thanks for everything.



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I'm actually in Ireland, so not so far 🙂

I've re-read your replies above and the related threads, and shared them with my manager (manager of support across the organisation), and discussed with him the lessons we can learn. Hopefully we can do better in future.