Toolset Reference sites

Toolset Reference Sites are fully functional website designs that you can use as the starting point for your own website. Each of these reference sites represents a project with a specific purpose.

If you have a project with requirements similar to those of a particular reference site, you need not reinvent the wheel. Instead, you may review how we developed a specific website using Toolset and assembled all required elements.

Simply download the reference site you need, customize it using Toolset plugins, replace our sample content with content relevant to the client’s business, and deliver the finished product to your clients.

Available sites

Listing site – Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations is a listing/directory site that allows users to submit new content via front-end forms. Other visitors can search through this content. The search results are displayed on a Google map.

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  • Custom archive
  • Front-end submission
  • Front-end editing

Directory website

In a directory website, visitors can submit free and premium ad. The ads are classified by categories, which buyers can view as a category tree. The site also includes a search and features the premium ads prominently.

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  • Parametric ad search
  • Flexible ad grids
  • Front-end ad submission
  • Featured ads
  • Ads on a map
  • Related ads

WooCommerce site

This is a website that represents a classic online store. All templates were built without using PHP code, which makes them easy for non-programmers to customize.

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  • Custom search
  • Tabbed product info
  • Product comparison
  • Product grid
  • Product slider
  • Custom product template

Real estate site

This is an example of a typical site a real estate agency would need. It includes a slider featuring some properties and provides a search function that allows visitors to look for properties meeting their criteria.

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  • Sliders & featured properties
  • Google Maps integration
  • Estate search & filters
  • Front-end estate submission
  • Agents listing
  • Flexible single estate page

Magazine site

A website that represents a classic magazine/news site where articles are categories and displayed in a number of ways.

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  • Theme customizer
  • Easy customization
  • Post slider

Brochure site – My Company

This is a brochure site featuring service offerings provided by a company, which can be easily customized and extended.

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  • Flexible front page
  • Services page
  • Easy to customize

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