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Toolset Views

Toolset Views is now replaced by its new and improved sibling called Toolset Blocks. It allows you to build your whole site visually using blocks.

Load any kind of content from the database and display it with your design. It’s easy to use for non-programmers and features-rich for advanced WordPress developers.


Views works with any theme and page builder


Lets you display everything in your database

Easy to use

You can use Views to its limits without programming

How You Will Build Queries with Views


Select the Content to Load

Views makes it easy to load the right content from the database. You start by selecting the content-type to load. Anything that appears in your site, Views can load for you.


Apply Filters

Many times you don’t need to display everything, but only specific items. For example, if you want to display “related stories”, “reviews for this product” or “speakers in this conference”. Views makes this filtering simple and intuitive.


Style the Output

Views not only loads the right content from the database, but also makes it easy to display it on the site’s front-end. You will use simple HTML to display the results anyway you choose. Views helps you format the output with predefined styles, which you can edit fully.


Display on the Front-End

You can display Views anywhere on any site, built with any theme or page builder. You can add Views to pages, templates, archives and even widgets.

Want to See What Others Have Built with Views?

Dynamic lists of content for the homepage uses a number of Views to display the writer’s content on the homepage. The homepage updates automatically whenever content is added to the site.

A custom search in the site’s sidebar

Hotel in Rome offers accommodation, tours and restaurants in Italy’s capital. To give as much space as possible to its services, it placed the search option in a widget on the right sidebar.

A full-page custom search with results on a Google Map

The Fulldome Database needed a custom search with 14 attributes to list its hundreds of shows around the world. With Views it has created a search which updates in real time to help the user find the right show in seconds.

A simple table

The Anderson County Clerk & Master is custodian of court records. They offer a long list of forms in different formats. The list is a View, displaying the results as a table.

A grid

Swindon Teaching Schools offers a range of courses. To simplify the homepage maintenance, they show them with a View. This way, when the courses update, the homepage updates automatically.

Custom listings for WooCommerce products

Jon Arvizu website uses WooCommerce to sell artwork. They created a custom listing for products with Views, to achieve the exact look and behaviour they needed.

Try Views

Within minutes, Views plugin will help you build your first queries. The advanced features in Views will let you create exactly what your clients are asking for, without programming.

Try it for 30 days and see how you like it. If you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund your order.