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Remove Default Metaboxes for non-admin users

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There appear to be 2 default metaboxes related to Views that I need to be hidden my non-admin users. In one case, I'd be happy to remove it for all users.

1) is the metabox that lets me select a content template for a given post. I found a way to remove that on in this thread:

However, the other box is proving more difficult:

2) The Metabox is titled "How to Display Custom Content" and has links to create a new view or view template. This is being displayed for users that don't have access to the Views admin menu, so they shouldn't be able to create a new view or view template. Perhaps the underlying problem is really a user permissions issue, but it would be nice to be able to hide this meta box as well. Is there a way to do so?


Dear Christopher,

Im writing to the developers to find out how to do this. Ill get back to you shortly.



Dear Christopher,

This has been considered a bug, and will be fixed for Views 1.1.2


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