People Management App – Demo

Toolset Contractor

Brian Newhall – bpnWebTech

This is a demo version because the final site contains confidential information. It is password protected - staff login only. The final version has additional reporting and capabilities that are not in the demo.

The website is a management app for the HR department of a non-profit. It can be used to track employees and volunteers. The site is highly customized to their needs - tracking what they want and in the way they want.

Overview of types of tracking functions:

  • basic contact info
  • background checks
  • I-9
  • Employee performance management
  • Volunteer skills and interests, along with their availability
  • Corporate groups that come for service day projects

Toolset Modules

Access - used to make permission levels that open or limit access to certain areas of the site. One is low-level access is for a volunteer who would just be doing data entry

Forms - for various types of data entry and editing capabilities

Blocks - used in the template for displaying a single person. Conditional fields display dependent on the person being an employee or a volunteer

Types - Custom post type and fields for people, custom taxonomies