Collaboration Leadership: Place of Calm

Category Brochure

Theme Astra

Toolset Contractor

Rita M Horne

Collaboration Leadership presents an innovative and exciting new approach to Corporate Leadership & Management development.


Bold, clean and simple. The challenge on this project was to create a brand image (including logo) that confidently, but sensitively, announced a fresh approach to Corporate Leadership & Management development that wouldn’t get lost under the Human Resources umbrella nor disregard existing and recognized methods and practices.


Build on WordPress and the Astra Theme, the website incorporates Toolset Types, Views, Cred Forms, and Access. The team at CALM can create and manage all their contact messages and custom posts via front-end forms and a special ‘editor’ page tailored to suit their needs.


The server hosting monthly subscription includes regular site backups and software maintenance services.


Webmaster services are retained on a monthly basis to manage ongoing SEO, carry out general website development work and adhoc copy for print

How to create a brochure website using Toolset

To build a brochure website like this one with Toolset you will need to:

  1. Add custom post types to create sections for your website (showcase, testimonials, projects)
  2. Create custom fields so that it’s easy to update the pages with new information
  3. Insert custom taxonomies to group any services, events or other information by categories
  4. Display your content on the front end with Views
  5. Design your pages for each section using Layouts