A View lets you display any WordPress content, anywhere on the site, in whatever way you choose

Add content to your pages

Using the Views plugin, you can display custom content exactly how you want on your homepage or on any other page.

Toolset clients use Views to show off any content including:

Blog posts


Custom post types

Addresses on a map


The developers behind helenafrithpowell.com used multiple Views to display the writer’s content on the homepage in a way which was easy to navigate.

Another displays her latest stories with a brief description.

One showcases her writing topics.

Display custom fields anywhere

Views plugin makes it easy to display custom fields in a template on your pages.

Shark Bay Tourism wanted to show tourists all the relevant information about its accommodations.

Its developers used Types to create custom fields for the contact details, images and description before using Views to display it on the front-end.

Build your own widgets with custom posts and fields

Views can display your content however you want, including as widgets. Each theme has widget zones to fill with the content you want.

You can build your own widgets without programming by using Views.

Hotel in Rome offers accommodation, tours and restaurants in Italy’s capital. To give as much space as possible to its services, it placed the search option in a widget on the right sidebar.

Create powerful custom searches

Custom search helps your visitors find exactly what they are looking for and are easy to build.

Views custom searches are the most powerful and flexible for WordPress because they are built according to content, fields and taxonomy.

Better still, you can create them without any PHP.

The Fulldome Database needed a custom search with 14 attributes to list its hundreds of shows around the world. With Views it has created a search which updates in real time to help the user find the right show in seconds.

Create custom WooCommerce sites

Views makes it easy to design and customize your WooCommerce website without having to learn the complex WooCommerce templates system. You will be able to:

Design templates for products

Create custom product links

Build product searches

Create product comparisons

Design product sliders

Want to get started with Views?

Views can take your WordPress development to a new level. Within minutes, you will be building your first Views. Then, you will discover the advanced features that let awe your clients and complete complex projects quickly.

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