Toolset makes it easy to build extensions for your theme, which can be used by your clients on their sites.

You can build anything you like and design the Modules you need and simply make it available via your library. When you get a specific feature request from your community, Toolset makes it easy for you to create such extensions since no PHP is required.

Interested? Contact us to see how Toolset can help you build Modules.

1. Choose the add-ons you want for your clients:

Toolset comes with limitless possibilities. You can use our existing modules, create your own, and even add some functionalities. Toolset is a time-saving plugin, where you simply select what you need and customize it without programming. Anything that you build using Toolset can be used and edited by your clients on their own sites:

Custom post type
Custom fields
Custom taxonomy

Custom user roles
Access control
User fields


Custom search

Google Map
WooCommerce product
WooCommerce list

Content submission form
User registration form
Form payment

Paginated lists
Infinite scrolling
Side-by-side comparison

2. Make your advanced modules available in a Library:

Toolset gives you the option to create a unique collection of resources available through one-click from a Library. In the Library, you can upload pre-built modules and your clients will be pleased to have access to such time-saving features. Building a Toolset Modules Library is a good starting point for clients who are willing to build powerful sites with testimonials, Google maps, customized sign-in forms, custom search, and other related features.

3. Clients can customize and edit your modules without programming:

Just like you build Toolset modules without programming, your clients, too, will be able to customize them. Clients can add, remove, and edit anything in the modules that you build. Thus, when clients need additional customizations, they can accomplish it themselves without asking for your support.

Why choose Toolset to extend your Library:

Keep (all) your clients happy

If you have a niche-feature request, you can make it happen as Toolset saves you precious time.

We handle updates

Including security, compatibility, and stability. Your clients will receive automatic updates.

We let you focus on the design

We take care of the developing part so that you can focus on your creative skills.

We offer Technical Support

We ensure full support for your clients. Our supporters can offer help in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, and French.

We have complete documentation

All the Modules you are about to create are already referenced in our documentation.

WPML ready

Expand your business and make your modules available for every country in the world.