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Toolset plugins let you build rich themes, quickly and easily, which your clients can customize without becoming programmers

You have a passion for building beautiful themes. You know your niche and what your clients want. You also know that coding everything from scratch is a lot of work and will take too long.

Interested? Contact us to see how Toolset can help you build themes.

Toolset can help you build outstanding themes quickly and easily

With Toolset, you use high-level building blocks and put together amazing themes in no time. Toolset gives you a PHP-free development framework for building fully-custom themes. Toolset themes are easy to build and modify. Even your clients will be able to fully customize them, without writing a single line of PHP.

Focus on design,skip the programming

Toolset takes care of the programming for you. Let Toolset handle custom types and fields, DB queries, templates, custom searches, Google Maps, forms and much more. With Toolset, you’re completely free to focus on creative work.

Let your customers modify everything

Your customers will love the way they can customize and modify anything. No need to create child themes to achieve completely custom designs with your themes.

Simplify your support

Toolset comes built-in with help and support material for your end-clients. Your clients will get all the help they need to fully customize your Toolset-based themes.

Let us handle updates

We regularly update Toolset for stability, security and compatibility. When there’s an update to Toolset components, your clients get it automatically. You don’t need to worry about releasing new versions.

How can you build Toolset-based themes?


Do your own visual design and wireframes

Use Layouts, Toolset’s drag-and-drop layout editor, to quickly design the wireframes of your site. Design the appearance with your custom CSS. Your clients will be able to edit these layouts too, so you don’t need to include dozens of optional layouts for pages.


Choose and connect the elements that you need

Toolset comes with elements for almost anything you can imagine. Choose what you need and customize without programming. Of course, you can easily create your own modules too. Anything that you build with Toolset, your clients can edit. This means, you don’t need to create bloated option screens to give complete flexibility.

Custom post type
Custom fields
Custom taxonomy
Custom user roles
Access control
User fields
Custom search
Google Map
WooCommerce product
WooCommerce products list
Content submission form
User registration form
Form payment
Paginated lists
Infinite scrolling
Side-by-side comparison

Distribute to your clients

Add just Toolset Installer to your theme and distribute it (of course, you can sell). Your clients will receive Toolset plugins automatically and will get updates any time we release a new version of Toolset plugins.