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[Fermé] WordPress 4.2.3 update breaks shortcodes

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Last updated by Amir Il y a 6 années et 3 mois.


Following, although to note Amir all my other plugins (non-Toolset) that use shortcodes are working just fine.


This is unfortunate . . Must follow . .


just following


Here are examples of what is not working for mine. "image" is repeating field it's rendering raw (all data) in href attribute. it could not take each data. (ex : href="data1,data2,data3....")

[wpv-for-each field="wpcf-image"]
<a href='[types field="image" size="thumbnail" url="true"][/types]' rel="gallery"> 
[types field="image" size="thumbnail"  url="true"][/types]







This is what we get when we work with professionals.

Problems are going to happen, that's just life. As soon as I saw the issue I checked the blog and knew that a solution was already being worked on. One thing I really hate is not knowing what the H is going on and if it's just me or everyone or what.

Thanks Amir for posting about the issue in a timely manner and thanks to the team for getting us a fix as fast as humanly possible.


This is a little scary. But I'm glad they are on it.




Ditto's breaking our main background image:

<div class="page-title-container" style="background-image: url([wpv-post-featured-image raw="true" size="full"]) !important;">

As a temp workaround we have set a common (static) background image so at least something shows.






As Juan said, we are very thankful for the patience and good attitude that we got from everyone here.

A (beta) fix is available. Please go to your Toolset account and click on Downloads. Switch to beta. You will see a beta version for Views 1.9.1. You can download and install it. This update resolves most of the problems reported, including mismatched quotes, shortcodes in arguments, Views loop shortcodes. There are a number of corner cases that are not handled yet. We are continuing on them and will update here on Monday.

As this is a beta update, you need to install it manually. Deactivate the current Views version, remove the plugin folder and upload this one instead. Then, activate again.

Of course, let us know if you have the same, or new kinds of problems.


The beta fix seems to solve the issues on my end. Thank you

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