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[Résolu] Where is the excerpt in my fields?

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I am trying to: create a product listing page that has a linked title and an excerpt.

I visited this URL: (i'm not completely sure what the point is for this question) I am working locally so I can't send you what i'm working on but I am trying to recreate hidden link

I expected to see: A title with a link and an excerpt.

Instead, I got: Just a title with a link, without an excerpt.
I would like to know how to create an excerpt because views just says excerpt without showing how it is linked to a relevant field, which in my case would be "About" which is a WYSIWYG.


Luo Yang

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Views shortcode [wpv-post-excerpt] is for displaying wordpress Excerpt:

If there isn't Excerpt setting in the post, [wpv-post-excerpt] shortcode retrieve it from the post content

In your case, you are using a custom WYSIWYG field "About", you can try the solution in another thread:


Thanks. I discovered how to switch on the excerpt field for my posts.