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[Résolu] Want create some fields with different names and valus & display only filled one

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Last updated by Luo Yang Il y a 4 années et 1 mois.

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I am trying to:
Attach online reading book custom field with videos and translation download link field with popups
I need if I filled only one field display it and hide the other
and customize the layout instead on 2 columns to single one

Note that this is a presale question


Luo Yang

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Dear Drmohamed,

I suggest you try with the shrotcode [wpv-conditional] of Views plugin, check if the specific custom field is empty or not, then display what you want, see our document:
Conditional shortcode to be used to display a specific block of meta HTML based on results of a boolean expression
Read more about Conditional HTML output in your views.


Thanks For Your Kind Reply
Please if I need to implement custom css of another block of content according to fields used
is it possible by toolset ?


Luo Yang

Languages: Anglais (English ) Chinois simplifié (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

I suggest defined two kinds of CSS class in your theme file "style.css", for example:


Then use the shortcode [wpv-conditional] to check if the specific field is empty or not, then display correspond CSS class name

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