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[Résolu] walkthrough CRED

This is the technical support forum for Toolset - a suite of plugins for developing WordPress sites without writing PHP.

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Hi guys, I went through all your docs and get the idea of CRED, but there's nowhere that i could see, some starting info on how to cronologically do what to get to your end result.

Basically: I'm making this complex 'profile membership + ads' site, where people can sign up and put their (complex) user profile (and edit it later), and eventually as well buy some ad space.

I have already earlier made a new post type 'profiles' and via the 'content template' provided it with all necessairy data. This works good, but of course just for myself atm via the admin.

My problem is that I couldnt find any info on your site on what to do first. A simple step-by-step few lines of cronological instructions are completely missing imo. So please explain 😉

Now i need this 'profile' to be accessible to the client via client's login and editing/creating functions.
But since i have made the profile system already as desribed above, how do i get to put this in a CRED form and render it with correct layout in the 'profile' section?

And as i understood, afterwards i should create this same CRED form again, just for the sake of client be able to be editing later?

I also saw in your manuals following info:
Coming soon:
• Adding hidden fields to CRED forms
• Building front-end forms for adding related Post Types
o Forms for one-to-many relationship between two Post Types
o Forms for many-to-many relationships between Post Types and Users
• Charging fees for content submissions (adding featured ads)
• Charging fees to register users

--> is this up-to-date info?? It means I can't charge clients yet? Then I'm puzzled what CREDcommerce is for, if we can't charge them..?

Thanks for guiding me and clearing this up! 🙂


I understand you have a Post Type as profile, right?

So you go ahead and create a CRED Post Form, and follow the GUI and its steps.

You will need to choose the Post Type this Form applies to, and several other settings like what to do on submit, what the post should be (published, etc) and then you click on the "Autogenerate Form" button, wich will create all Code needed to create the Form.

This can also be edited and enriched with HTML or CSS, and notifications can be added.

Create Posts and Edit Posts are not the same process, so yes, you need a Form for Creating those and one to edit them.

The Forms are then inserted anywhere on your Site by clicking on the GUI Button "CRED Forms" you will see a pop up that walks you through the process of inserting the ShortCode needed for the Form to appear on the site.

Regarding the "coming soon" part, yes yo can charge payment with CRED, using WooCommerce and CRED Commerce.
This is explained here:

May I ask where you found that info? I will ask to update it.


Hi Beda,
thanks for the help; i'll do as instructed in the coming days.

Here's the outdated text:
on bottom (and i saw that same text on yet another page, i'll add it if i come to that one again)


Thank you very much.
I passed that to the DOC Team and they will review this.

Let me know if I can assist you any further.