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[Résolu] Views Output Ignores Post Relationship (Output Displayed In All Custom Posts)

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I have a custom post called 'listings'. I've created a custom post called 'reviews'. 'Reviews' is set as a child of 'Listings'. I've created a post form using CRED for users to submit reviews which includes the dropdown list to select the parent listing. I've created a View to display these reviews within listings. I've used the CRED form to submit a few sample reviews to test it works. In each sample the parent listing has been selected. In each case, the review shows the correct parent listing within admin control panel. However, all reviews are appearing within all listings.

What settings do I need to check please?

I would expect to have to make the output in Views conditional on the parent listing (set in the review) matching the post title so that only reviews for that listing are displayed but the fields aren't available.

Many thanks



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

As I understand you want to display related parent post of your child review post?

Have you look at this Doc:


Actually the requirement is for the other way round: display contents of child post in related parent post. I found the answer in this document and it now works:-

(I wouldn't have thought to look at it as the title didn't seem relevant).

Thanks for your help


Hi Minesh

Can you check for me please why I'm unable to access the members-only forum even though I'm logged in?

Many thanks