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[Résolu] View not running custom Javascript function after searching/filtering.

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2019-08-21 17_19_12-.png
2019-08-21 17_32_31-Colleges Archive - ICPKP.png
2019-08-21 17_32_44-Colleges Archive - ICPKP.png

As above. I've used the code from here to reinitialize masonry after searching/filtering an archive.

Relevant screenshots all attached.

Everything works fine until you search/filter. It displays the relevant results but they are not in the masonry layout.

I added that generic button to test manually triggering the same function, and it works fine if you click it after searching/filtering.

You can see it here: hidden link

Any ideas what's going on with it?



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I'll suggest we close this as a duplicate of the other thread unless there is something specific to deal with here...


Yep this is a duplicate- sorry, closed the tab early and thought it hadn't posted.