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[Résolu] Url Error email With Forgot Password Form

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The url for reset the password is no correct:

Email message: (see image)

Per reimpostare la tua password visita il seguente indirizzo:
<hidden link;

Thank for your help


Well, it depends where you redirect to.

I do not see the code you used.
Can you share here the exact ShortCode you use to reset the password with all it's attributes?

As you know, when you redirect to a non-internal site you need to whitelist them.
You do not need to whitelist your OWN current website though. It is all described in the Relevant GUI.

You do not have a Multisite so I cannot suspect any issue with the link.

The detail you show is irritated to the whitelisting. It's still the same URL, right? Just that it redirect to the wp-login, which is expected if you pass no additional redirect in the ShortCode.

Did you do that? Can you share the ShortCode with me so I can look at it?

Please make sure that the "URL to custom password reset page" is set correctly in the Forgot Password ShortCode.

I tested this and it works perfectly fine locally.


Hi Beda,
the shortcode url was wrong.
Thanks for your help 🙂