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[Résolu] Strange error submitting form, field emptied, dropdown empty

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.

Problem: I am seeing a validation error when trying to submit a Form to create a post on a multilingual site, "An error occurred when creating an association"

Solution: Update to the latest version of our plugins.

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Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.



The connection to the cpt is still not working.

I discovered that there was a lot of changes on Forms.
I can't find many information on your site. Where can I find information about WooCommerce Forms?

The checkout to Cart is not working either, but that's another topic.
I am very disappointed about all these errors. My client is waiting for weeks now, I can't finish the website.


Hi, I find the solution. I removed the code in the functions.php what you recommended to add before the update from Forms, aka CRED.
The checkout problem is solved as well!