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[Résolu] Starter theme installer error when generating site key

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I am trying to: generate a site key via the starter theme installer

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: backend

I expected to see: the site key working

Instead, I got: an error: site key wrong

On a fresh WordPress install, I install Toolset Starter theme and Toolset starter Child. I activate child theme and run the Toolset installer.
First step: get site key. When I do this via the installer, a wrong site url is created in the list. The wrong format is like this:

lien caché
The key for this url is rejected by the installer.

When I manually add the site in my account, I get the right url and a key that works.

Looks like a bug in the installer.


The Toolset Starter Theme is deprecated.
I suggest to use either of these solutions instead:

- Use a Custom Theme, if you need to create the entire templates with Toolset Layouts, there is a good educative example theme here:
lien caché

This theme is not subject to Toolset Support, however.

- Use a Custom Post Type ready theme as listed here:

- Use any other theme that uses the_content() as content render function.

The Toolset Starter theme is specifically designed only to work with Toolset.
It has major customizations in its styles and uses non-common approaches of the display.
We are not focused on theme development, instead, we want to provide Plugins that help you develop anything you want.

Related to the registration issue, can you try this:
- remove the starter theme or disable it
- add Toolset Types or a component of Toolset
- register thru Dashboard > Plugins > any_toolset_plugin > Register

If then this issue persists, is it possible to gain access to the website to check this issue?


Hi Beda,

Thank you for your answers. I was not aware of the fact that the starter theme is deprecated. In fact, Amir says in this post on April 21, 2017: "We’re not stopping to maintain our own Starter theme. What we’re looking for is to integrate with nice looking themes, created by talented designers."

I would prefer to keep working with Toolset Starter Theme as a basis for website development, as I am now fully used to this.

Could you confirm what Amir said in the above mentioned post is still true? Also, the title of that post suggests that Onthego Systems IS still intending to offer a starter theme that integrates with the Toolset suite. You say "We are not focussed on theme development". How can I interpret this, when Amir says Onthego Systems intends to offer a (new) starter theme?

I would not be happy to see Toolset abandon this theme or any plans to develop a successor.


Toolset's focus never was Theme development.

In that post, Amir asks what NEW starter theme users would like to see integrated - not for us to create but to choose what to integrate.

I admit the wording, together with the name of our Theme, is confusing.

However, back then as you correctly state the idea was to keep the theme.
But, it is not maintainable in the way it is developed, especially not with the new features coming (Gutenberg for example).

We will not bring back that theme as well for reasons like customized Bootstrap styles, or the restrictions that you had when you used Layouts (you could not switch to another display method at all).

Now, if you require that theme, it will be subject to your future development.
That is why we suggest a Theme that is actively developed and fulfils all needs of a theme.

If you need a boilerplate it is much cleaner an safer to start with a minimal theme like (for example) the linked MiniMax theme.
The Starter theme can be affected by BUGs since it has a lot of customizations, while the boilerplate linked, is bare PHP and HTML with as fewer custom things as possible, so it can not break (unless WordPress theme API changes).

Toolset Plugins allow you to customize the output of practically any theme - that is the major focus on, and the future goal of Toolset.


Hi Beda,

Thank you for clarifying.

I am testing the MiniMax boilerplate, as I actually like to build my websites from a minimalistic starting point. What I see so far looks promising and seems to fit to my needs.



Please stay tuned on GitHub:
- soon I'll add an automatic updates notifier included in the themes and plugins
- a new theme version without Layouts but Blocks in mind will be available
- eh, if I would have more time... 😉

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