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[Résolu] Sorting two post types by custom date field not working

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I have two post types: Exhibitions and Performances. In a view I pull posts from both post types and have it set to sort based on a custom field called "start date".

I expected that all posts pulled in would sort based on the custom field "start date".

Instead it separates the posts first by post type, then sorts by "start date".

For example three posts with the following "start Dates" sort in this order for Acscending.

Performance 2 October 10

Performance 3 September 25

Exhibition 1 October 3

If Descending selected they sort in the following order:

Exhibition 1 October 3

Performance 3 September 25

Performance 2 October 10


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

I have some things to clear up before deciding if I have an issue or not.