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[Résolu] Slideshow is nog working right

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Last updated by Dido Il y a 7 années et 9 mois.

Assigned support staff: Juan.


I want to change this page: hidden link

I made a slideshow with Views, but it is not working well.
Test page: hidden link

I want to show the partners 2 by 2.
only the first slide is allright.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+02:00)

Hi Dido

I could not replicate your issue on my local installation, so let's see if the usual recommendations do the trick. If they do not, I will write to you a private emailasking for credentials on your site, so I can take a look and perform some tests.

1. Check what versions of Types and Views you are using.
2. Add suppress_filters="true" to the [wpv-post-body] shortcode. Sometimes, third party plugins break that shortcode
3. Test if the slideshow works without the image. This could help me narrow the issue

Please keep me posted.

Juan de Paco


Hi Juan,
Sadly, both of your solutions, didn't work.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+02:00)

Hi Dido

I'm sending you a private email right now.

Juan de Paco


Thank you Juan,
I learned someting new from you (suppress_filters="true") and I hope to fix future problems myself.