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[Résolu] Shortcode parameters inside php

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I created a woocommerce tab with content in my theme's functions.php file.
In the content, I need to pass this shortcode:

[wpv-view name="single-product-tips" producttips="[types field='id-faq'][/types]"]

How would I do that?
I tried:

	$args = array(
    "name" => "product-faq",
    "productfaq" => echo do_shortcode("[types field='id-faq'][/types]")
echo render_view( $args );
 $faq = "[types field='id-faq'][/types]";
echo do_shortcode('[wpv-view name="product-faq" productfaq="'. $faq . '"]');

none worked of course.
Help appreciated


got it:

$faq = do_shortcode( '[wpv-post-id]' );
echo do_shortcode('[wpv-view name="product-faq" productfaq="'. $faq . '"]');