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I'm using Toolset plugins to create a directory style website. I have created a custom post called 'Listings'. This will hold the details for each business added to the site. I intend using either All In One SEO or Yoast plugin for my SEO but it suddenly occurred to me:-

do I need to add META Title, META Description and META Keywords as custom post fields to my custom post 'Listing' so that each listing effectively holds its own values for SEO?

Thank you


YOAST SEO is not compatible with Toolset:

I can not recommend to use it for now.

The All In One SEO I am not familiar with, but if it uses the same approaches as SEO, it will also not be compaitble.

Either way, you will if you want to improve the SEO also index Custom Fields.

You do not need to add fields to improve SEO. This is something the SEO Plugin does for you or your content per se.

If some important content is in your Fields, you woudl index it with your SEO solution.

Please aknowledge that Toolset does not provide any SEO solution by itself.

The biggest boost in SEO is done by good content, where your Titles and URL's match the content and the content is unique.
(key word)

It is mostly overrated, what "smaller details" do, the real big impact has your Content per se.


Thank you for your response.

"You do not need to add fields to improve SEO. This is something the SEO Plugin does for you"

Which plugin are you referring to please?

Are ANY plugins compatible with Toolset?


I say, you do not need to add Custom Fields to improve your SEO.

Custom Fields are to enrich your Content with things, that you can not add to a post Body or Title.

If "All In One SEO" allows to index Custom Fields, the Plugin will provide you the settings for this.
This is the same in any SEO plugin, the functionality to index it is provided by the SEO Plugins, not Toolset.

Toolset does not provide SEO functionality, but it's Custom Fields are simple WordPress fields, so if the SEO Plugins are able to index WordPress Fields, they also will be able to index Types Contents.

Yoast is not compatible because they use a different (not PHP) method.
It requires Custom Code to include ANY Plugin with Yoast.
Yoast even seems to require a AddOn Plugin to index Custom fields:

Some more information on Custom Fields and SEO:
hidden link


I understand that Toolset doesn't provide SEO functionality. I'm disappointed that you're not able to quote even ONE SEO plugin that is compatible with Toolset. Maybe none are?

You say Yoast isn't built using PHP; all wordpress plugins are PHP scripts so this statement doesn't make sense.

It's odd that you say Yoast is incompatible because at least two of your reference sites are using it!


Who said Yoast is not built with PHP?
If you have read the Thread I linked to earlier, you will see that Yoast uses a Custom method to index the Fields that does not work with the previously working PHP functions.
hidden link
Now you need a Custom Script (JS)

I do not know of any other SEO Plugin that is NOT compatible with Toolset and to be strictly speaking, Yoast is also compatible, but they require a Custom "Plugin" (JS) to be written so to use their API. And we do not provide this at the moment.
So it is compatible if you use their new API.

Have you tried All In One SEO?
According to our Compatibility Developers, this is also great Plugin that is as well powerful enough for WordPress.


Thank you for a definitive statement regarding other plugins. I use All In One on another (non Toolset) site and it seems to be doing the job required. I'll give it a go.