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[Fermé] Search and filter custom fields / taxonomy issue

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I'd like to use the parametric search to allow visitors to search and filter for a keyword that is contained in custom post fields and taxonomies.

Therefore I've set up a view for the search result page where I want to filter the query by custom post fields and taxonomy with the comparison function set to url parameter.

When I set the url parameter to "wpv_post_search" to receive the keyword I get the error message "This is a word reserved by any of the ToolSet plugins".

The search input is place on a specific page using the shortcode [wpv-form-view name="search-view" target_id="12345"]. So I need to receive the keyword from the URL.

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Please see following guide about how you can "Pass Arguments to Views":


There are apparently two possible ways, either you can use URL Parameters or can pass as an Attribute to view's short code itself. However, this is to notice, that some names are reserved by WP system and plugins. The message you see is referring to one of these.

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