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[Résolu] REMOVE SEARCH FORM from search results Display page – How Do You Do That?

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Last updated by Greg Il y a 8 années.


I have a Parametric Search that works fine and I have created a page with this code on it only:
[wpv-form-view name="Parametric Search" target_id="111"]

. . . and I have set a Results page for the Parametric View with this code on it ONLY:
[wpv-view name="Parametric Search"]

The problem is that on the Reults page I Keep getting the Search Filter options being jammed in at the top of the results and it is screwing the layout !
I want the RESULTS ONLY to display as I am putting this Search Filters Code ===> [wpv-form-view name="Parametric Search" target_id="111"] in a text widget and don't need it to appear with the the results AGAIN.

How do stop that from happening?

Thanks for the help.


Crap - sorry for this. I just figured it out.
At the very bottom of the page there is a "COMBINED" output box with the short codes:


in it.

REMOVE this ===> [wpv-filter-meta-html]
Keep this =====> [wpv-layout-meta-html]

and it is exactly as I like it.

Hope this helps someone.