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[Résolu] Relationship post data export to CSV

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I have a custom post type for events, I created another custom post type for event participants registration. I added one to many relationship from events to events participants post type (following

Now I want to know, how can I export the list of participants of a particular event?


That is not possible with Toolset.

Toolset lets you create, display, and even export the structure of those data sets.
However, the data is stored by WordPress, in native WordPress (or custom) Database tables, and belongs to the content, not the structure, which is what Toolset lets you export/import.

In that sense, Posts content (participants) should be exported with the Tools > Export of WordPress For example, but they do not allow to filter by our relationships or any other relations.

The particular scenario where you want a button or other mechanisms to export a certain set of posts only, needs custom code.

Additionally you may be interested in this:

It allows you as well to import posts with an add-on to wp-all-import plugin.
But this is for Import, not export.

Last but not least, have you seen
It allows you to export various settings which are not covered by the WordPress XML export as seen in Tools > Export.
But in that you can no0t handle posts, I just wanted too share that in case you can use it.
You can export Reading settings, Customizer setup, Menu setup and Widget setup.

That is basically all we cover in Toolset.

The particular feature you mention would need something new, that is not within the scope of Toolset, but interesting.
I will keep this as a note, and eventually we can iterate such a feature in future, but for now this is not possible.

it would however be possible to display those posts with Views.
Do you need information how to do that?


Yes Beda, that would be a very useful feature to have in Toolset. I had tried to use "WP All Export" plugin ( but couldnt figure out how to get the field where it stores relationship data (I mean the event name which that person registered for). I am just getting list of the custom fields of that post type.

I had already gone through the links you mentioned before opening this ticket.

Can you please explain me how to show list of participants of particular event in view? I am a bit confused of the "one to one" or "one to many" or "many to many" relationships. Would be helpful if your team could make short videos explaining them.


Never mind I got the list with view



Please let me know if you need more help with this list of the related posts.
The DOC is here, I forgot that earlier:


The solution I found is (incase anyone else want to know) to display all the entries in a table and created a print style sheet to hide everything else but the table. That way I can print and save the list as PDF which works for me.


Changing State of ticket - Thank you for sharing the solution!