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[Résolu] Re-assigning field type on an intermediary type field group

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Last updated by Stephen Vaughan Il y a 3 années et 3 mois.

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I am using the Album/Song (Beatles/Revolver) example from the documentation to test out many-tomany relationships.

So I set up the types and added the track intermediary type with the track number as a number field. For testing I am adding info based on the Revolver album. Adding the first song I add the title Taxman and notice that the track are A1, A2, A3...B1, B2, B3. Using side A and side B to list out tracks. Of course I started with a number field so I can't enter A1. So I dig around a bit and go to Post Field Group, find the field and try to re-assign it to a single line. This doesn't work so I decide to delete it and recreate the field. Eventually I go through the post relationship and see the option to add a field.

Here is what I notice. If you haven't previously made a field you are asked to name the group and this new group is not retained exclusively for your intermediary post type. If you click Edit to assign it to a post type the intermediary type is not included therefore you are left with the field, in my case track number, visible on all post types.

Not sure that this is intentional or a design flaw?



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Well - first of all, I see that number field can be converted to single line text field. I do not know why you are not allowed to do so. Could you please confirm you are using latest Toolset plugin version for all Toolset plugins.

As you can see the track number field with all post types, what if you delete it permanently from post field control screen? Does that help?


Hi Minesh,

Ok I see what I was doing was the wrong procedure, having not fully gone through the documentation yet.

The way to re-assign the field from number to single line is through Relationships -> edit the relationship and then work with the fields that are attached there.

What I was doing was going to the Post Field Control panel and trying to do it there. For some reason changing a field from number to single line won't work on that page so I deleted the field. When I found the correct interface for this, the one under Relationships, it now needed to have the group created again, except this time it was doing so as a general group, requiring an assignment to a specific post type and not retained exclusively for the relationship type.

I have tried to reproduce this behaviour, but it doesn't seem to be happening anymore.