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[Résolu] Problem with query filter

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Last updated by Eric Il y a 7 années et 11 mois.

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I have a site that's importing a list of Job posts from an external feed. Once the Jobs are imported (as custom post types), my client can manually select a radio button (created with a custom field group) to flag certain Jobs as Featured. The default selection configured in the custom field is "no".

I need to display two lists in my sidebar. The first list shows the 5 most recent Jobs flagged as Featured. The next list simply shows the 5 most recent Jobs that are NOT featured, because we don't want repeats in the second list.

I created two Views. One view queries the Jobs cpt, with a query filter to Select posts with custom fields: Featured Job = 2. I made an identical View, but changed the filter to read: Select posts with custom fields: Featured Job != 2.

The view displaying featured jobs works; it only displays featured jobs. The view that supposed to display everything BUT featured jobs doesn't. It returns no results. If I remove the filter from the second view, all the jobs get displayed, and featured jobs get repeated in that list.

What am I missing?



It looks like the default "1" for "no" isn't getting saved to the database when the posts are imported, which means I can't filter with it. So, I decided to try a different approach, using a simple checkbox instead which is specifically configured to write 0's to the database if nothing is checked. I deleted all the posts, reimported them, but am not seeing the 0's written to the database. If I check the box for a post, however, the 1 does get written and I can filter with it. What's the deal with the 0's not being written? And why does the filter fail if i use != 1?

I found this post:
Seems like a similar problem.


Hi Caridad,
I see you're assigned to this topic, so I'm sending you login credentials just in case you ask for them while I'm away. It's 1:30AM my time, so I'm calling it a night.


Dear Eric,

The settings for storing a zero has effect when you are editing the job post, not when its imported. I think that the task of setting a zero for non-featured jobs should be done by the import procedure. Can you describe how you are importing the job feed into WordPress? Are you able to import the featured field with a zero during this process?



I'm using the WP All Import plugin (very handy plugin, btw). When I initially configured the options for the import, the custom field for Featured wasn't appearing in the list of available fields to target for processing--I was thinking the same thing you were, that it needed to happen on import, but that particular field wasn't appearing with its wpcf brothers and sisters. Anyway, I presumed that the 0 insert would happen when each post was officially published during the import. Obviously not so.

Fast forward to this morning. I logged back into WordPress, opened the configuration for the import and lo-and-behold the custom field for Featured was suddenly appearing. Not sure why logging out and in would make that happen, but there ya go. I added it to the import, gave it a value of 0, and it worked!