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[Résolu] PHP7 support

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.

Toolset does brake on Servers with PHP 7

Update your Toolset to the latest Beta versions / stable versions to come, and use this Errata Page for reference:

This support ticket is created Il y a 6 années et 10 mois. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

This is the technical support forum for Toolset - a suite of plugins for developing WordPress sites without writing PHP.

Everyone can read this forum, but only Toolset clients can post in it. Toolset support works 6 days per week, 19 hours per day.

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Last updated by nathanW-4 Il y a 6 années et 8 mois.

Assigned support staff: Beda.


Hi Juan,

Thanks for the response, that additional patch makes it mostly work - but content templates don't seem to be working at all, post types or views sliders that use content templates just come up blank - nothing in the PHP error log either.

Is there a hotfix available for this?




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Hi Nathan

I just updated the errata for this issue with a new patch that addresses the problems with Content Templates. It would be fantastic if you could check it out and confirm that everything is working as expected now.



Hi Juan,

Thanks for your great work here, I can confirm that latest fix resolves the content template issue in my situation - site appears to work great now and benefits from the enormous performance boost from PHP7.

Looking forward to the full release, keep up the good work.



With the new beta being released as far as I'm concerned this is resolved. Thanks to the Dev team here for their great work.