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[Fermé] Pemalink rewrite – child post change to parent

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I have seen similar problems reposted but cannot find the solution to my problem.

I have child posts of a parent set up but when I change some data in the parent post, the permalink of all the child posts get changed to the parent permalink.

parent post (place-name)
child posts (event)
child posts (club)
child posts (business)

So events, clubs and businesses are all children of a place.

If I change a custom field in the place post, all of the child posts have their permalinks changed to the parent permalink.

This may be nothing to do with Types and could be something not working in custom permalinks but I cannot work out where the problem is or how to work around it so any help much appreciated.

(I just did one additional test - I don't need to change any fields in the parent - just saving the post resets the permalinks on the child posts)


Dear tony,

That's a very strange issue. First we should look for a compatibility issues, it will request some actions from your side:

1. Deactivate all plugins. Then activate only Toolset plugins.
2. Choose a default WordPress theme instead of a customized one.
3. Test and let me know your feedback.

I'm assuming you have the latest version of all Toolset plugins. You can download the latest ones here:


Thanks Adriano

I did most of the above:

Deactivated all plugins (except Toolset) I left the theme alone.

Changing a parent page did not cause the child posts to have their permalinks changed.

I reactivated Custom Permalinks 0.7.19 and repeated the test - child post permalinks were set to parent.

I corrected the links, reactivated all plugins except Custom Permalinks - everything works fine.

Reactivated Custom Permalinks - child post permalinks were set to parent.

So the problem is with Custome Permalinks.

I will try and find a solution that does not use Custom Permalinks.

Many thanks


Dear tony,

Ok then, thanks for debugging this. I have just added to our list of compatibility issues, we should handle this soon. But I can not give you a date, unfortunately. I'm closing this as there is no solution for now. Feel free to open a new thread for any other problem you might have.

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