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[Résolu] Parametric Search on Archive

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Last updated by Eric Il y a 7 années et 11 mois.

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I have a couple views handling the search and display of custom post types for my client's blog. Looks like this at present:
hidden link

I achieved this by creating two separate views as described here:
The view in the content doesn't contain the search controls.
The view in the sidebar doesn't contain the search results.

It works just fine. However, when clicking on a post tag to open the tags archive page, the search form no longer works as expected.

Any idea how to correct this?


Dear Eric,
Thanks for the information and the a link to your site. I check this issue and I will back to you with some questions later.



Dear Eric,
I checked your site and it seems I need to look at your Views admin settings in detail to debug this. I’ll send you a private email right now asking you for some private information that will help me debug this issue for you. Please check your email in a couple of minutes, and if you don’t get it, let me know so I can send it again. Thanks.



Dear Eric,
I fixed it now in your site. The problem is that you are not specifying a target ID for your form search results. I change it from:
[wpv-view name="Blog Search"]


[wpv-form-view name="Blog Search" target_id="10"]

At your widget; where 10 is the ID of your blog page that contains the search results View (from the parametric):

[wpv-view name="Blog Search Results"]

Views however does not support posting to same URL particularly on archive page. So when a user is on the tag page and submits this form, it will be posted to the specified blog search results page. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks.




That's perfect!

Also, having the search results from an archive page redirect to the blog search results page is EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

You understood the problem, fixed it, communicated my error back to me clearly (so I learned something), and your turnaround time was great.

Easily the best support I've had on your site in months. I can't thank you enough!