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[Fermé] Parametric Filter / Date Filtering

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This should be a simple yes or no question.

Without custom programming or special Types fields... is it possible to use a front-end Views parametric filter (or straight fixed Views filter) to filter by the actual Post Date or Post Modified Date (or by the MySQL database fields of post_date/post_date_gmt or post_modified/post_modified_gmt WordPress)?

Everything I've found, so far, points in the "custom" direction... either using some arbitrary custom field or custom programming to throw into functions.php. Which kind of defeats the purpose or spirit of Types/Views.

Considering how many people I've seen ask similar questions... and be told about custom programming and/or custom field solutions... I'd be surprised if this feature hasn't been implemented by now...



Dear David,

Im sure we had the "Post date" field available for filtering, but I cant see it right now. Let me ask the developers about this and I will get back to you.


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