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[Fermé] Pagination controls throw an error in automatic AJAX transition

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When using a pagination in automatic AJAX transition, recently I'm encountering issue if the items are lower than the number display per page. If the item exceed the number displayed per page, its working but if not, it added an inline CSS which is visibility: hidden and also having error with other views.

This issue happens on recent updates.

Please solve this asap...



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Hi Bambi

I'm struggling to reproduce the problem, can I get some more details from you?

I have a test site with the current versions of the Toolset plugins and WP 4.7

I have a custom post type with 7 posts.

I made a view to show these posts with automatic pagination. To begin with I went with the default to display 10 posts per page (so that I had fewer posts than this number). These displayed as expected without any errors.

I lowered the number of posts per page to 5 so that there was a transition to a second page, and the second page would have fewer posts than that number.

Can you elaborate on your set up/settings so that I can try and reproduce the problem?


Hi Nigel,

No error if I using single views with that setup but if I used two(2) views, error occurred.

Try to using different views within the same page. The first one with more items than the number display and the second with less than the number of display per page.



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Hi Bambi

I am still unable to reproduce the problem.

I added two views both using automatic pagination, the first view with more posts than the pagination amount, the second with less, and again it worked as expected.

I don't have any debug info for you (, so I don't know what other plugins or theme you are using.

If you switch theme to a default theme such as twentyseventeen, have WordPress up to date at version 4.7, and all non-Toolset plugins de-activated do you still see the problem?

Are you using Layouts? If so, how have you added the views to the layout?


Hi Nigel,

I actually try it in a fresh installed WP but still having error. I will show you a screenshot of my setup. See attached file for reference...

And also, see the list of my plugins & themes... (all are up to date even wp version)

• Genesis
• Dynamik (Genesis Child-Theme)

• Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version)
• Contact Form 7
• Contact Form DB
• Duplicate Post
• Duplicator
• Genesis 404
• Genesis Favicon uploader
• Genesis Simple Sidebars
• Image Widget
• Regenerate Thumbnails
• Responsive Menu
• Slider Revolution
• Toolset Types
• Toolset Views
• Widget CSS Classes
• WP Sitemap Page
• Yoast SEO



Languages: Anglais (English ) Espagnol (Español )

Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+01:00)

Hi Bambi

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I can't see anything problematic in your View settings.

To identify whether this is a Toolset issue or a compatibility issue could you please switch to a standard theme such as twentysixteen and re-test, and try disabling all non-Toolset plugins and re-test.

If the latter resolves the issue then re-enabling the plugins one at a time (or in batches) should make it possible to identify where a conflict is coming from.

Please let me know how that goes so I can see how to proceed.

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