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[Résolu] No translation for google maps and add autocomplete fields

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Last updated by Beda Il y a 4 années et 10 mois.

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I use a maps field in a Cred form.

In Toolset Maps there is no Dutch translation for Google Maps texts, like Enter Address or Show/Hide coordinates. I cannot find a file to translate myself.

Nice feature that you can replace the marker and get the closest address en use this address. This is the neatly formatted address with zip code. I would like to always have this nicely formatted address for my database.

And also the separate fields like street, street number, city, zip code, country, state.

I think it would not be much effort to add (hidden) fields for street address, city, state, zip code, country. With a little extra JavaScript people can use these fields to auto fill fields in the cred form. All the needed information is already there. I tried to do it myself with an extra field, but it would be far better if it is a standard feature of the address field.
With these minor alterations you can make Cred forms with address fields so much easier, more client friendly to use.


We cannot separate the values like you suggest, as we just use the values as Google gives them to us, or, if no address, then we store the Lat/Long of the "address".
This feature has been requested a few times, but we cannot add it.

But there are other approaches:

This should solve the issue for you as well, is this correct?

Related to the translations, "Enter Address" is localized in the source code.
It should be available for translation since it is registered as follows:

__('Enter address', 'toolset-maps')

The same for "Show/Hide coordinates":

__( 'Show/Hide coordinates', 'toolset-maps' )

Any translation software like WPML for example will find those strings under the domain "toolset-maps" ready for translation.

Of course, this is not the idea here though, but an option for a fast solution.
I say this is not the idea here, because if we offer such strings, that are hardcoded in our base code, we should also offer a translation as PO and Mo files

I will Report this to the DEV team, but it will require some time to send it for the translations and as well to publish it.
Once that is done, I would update you here.

Is that OK for you? If you are in a hurry, any Plugin that allows you to translate localized Plugins could help, like WPML.


Thank you Beda,

The output-location-field topic helped me, yes. Only I did not use the index of the component, but the name. If an incomplete address is entered you get trouble when using the indexes. And when the address is changed, because the marker has been moved the old result remains. But I can live with that or do you have an easy solution?

I will wait for the translations, thanks.



Related to the issue #1, that is a Custom Code solution that Nigel crafted. Custom Code falls under some specific Support rules, and we can assist this only to certain extents.
If you wish I can let Nigel chime in here, eventually he has some words on the topic.

Related to the translations, we determined that they are completely missing for Maps - and we will provide them ASAP.

Thank you for your patience.


Escalating this internally for the translation task.


Thanks again Beda,

I am happy with my solution with error if street number is missing, see screenshots.




I reopen this thread so to update you here once we include the translations.

Thank you.


This is fixed in Toolset Maps 1.4

Thank you for your patience.

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