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[Résolu] Ninja forms widgets does not display on layouts tempate

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Last updated by rafael.v Il y a 6 années et 6 mois.

Assigned support staff: Riccardo Strobbia.

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In trying to build a layouts template, I have added a widget with a ninja forms widget in it but the widget does not display. The widget does display on other pages that are based on a Layouts template.


Dear nmakgato,

what do you mean exactly with "The widget does display on other pages that are based on a Layouts template", were you able to display Ninja Form widget using Layouts?

Can you provide access and link to:

- layout edit page in back end;
- layout based page in front end?

I will set next reply as private so you can fill in the form with your access details.

Thanks in advance,


Dear Nthulane,

I still don't understand exactly what did you mean with "The widget does display on other pages that are based on a Layouts template."

Did you manage to use Ninja Form in some Layouts? If so can you provide editor (admin) and front end link to them for us to see?

Thanks in advance, best regards


Sorry, i missed those questions.

Please allow me to send a private message.


Dear Nthulane,

here it is, thanks for that.



Hi Riccardo, I haven't received a response from you. What's up?


Dear Nthulane,

I am sorry I've lost your answer along the way. Apparently there are some incompatibilities between the 2 plugins.

I am going to open a ticket for some development work and will try to handle that for the next release.

I am not 100% sure that will be possible but we're going to do our best to work on it for the next release.

Can you please close this thread for now and we will take care of contacting you once the issue will be fixed.

Thanks in advance, best regards


Still waiting for solution


Hello Nthulane,

We are still working on this issue, but it is taking longer than usual.

The credentials you provided doesn't grant me access to Layouts plugin. Could you please check this?

Kind regards.


Hello Nthulane,

I believe that you could use this workaround in the meantime:

1.- Create a new Widget cell
2.- Choose "Text" instead of "Ninja Forms Widget" in "Widget type".
3.- Include Ninja Forms shortcode in the text area. You can get the Ninja Form ID from the Ninja Forms menu,

[ninja_forms id=5]

4.- Save and you're done.

Let me know if it helps.