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[Résolu] Need a little help setting up Breadcrumbs NavXT Plugin

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I have installed Breadcrumbs NavXT plugin. They provide this piece of code which needs to be placed where I want the breadcrumbs to appear:-

<div class="breadcrumbs" typeof="BreadcrumbList" vocab="<em><u>hidden link</u></em>">
    <?php if(function_exists('bcn_display'))

It doesn't matter where I place this code in header.php, nothing appears on the site.

I'm using layouts to design my site. I've designed a 3 designs of parent layout to display the header/footer, a sidebar and a full width search bar (one doesn't have a sidebar and the third doesn't have a search bar). Each has a child layout cell above the footer where my pages are called. I'd like the breadcrumbs to appear just above the child layout cell in each case. Can you tell me where I need to put the above piece of code to achieve this please?

Thank you


I am not sure what bcn_display(); does, it might be that you need to echo it:
echo bcn_display();

Then, since you use layouts, Layouts will replace whatever you did replace in your Theme Templates with the_ddlayout() call.

So you will need to call get_hedaer() somewhere before the above call, to include your header.php in the Site.

Then, in header.php you can add PHP / HTML after the opening body tag.

This will then display on your site.


I'm only a beginner where coding is concerned and whilst I've worked out 90% of what you're telling me, the bit I'm struggling with is this:-

"So you will need to call get_hedaer() somewhere before the above call, to include your header.php in the Site."

looks like I'll be abandoning the idea of having breadcrumbs and will have to decide whether it's a deal breaker as to whether I purchase or not.


This forum is intended to give assistance to issues with Toolset.
Toolset is a Plugin that lets you do things in WordPress Admin, and it is intended to make it unnecessary to use PH.

Above are the proper instructions, how to achieve your goal, even though it is custom code.

If you plan to create Custom Themes with PHP, or other code, it is required to study the WordPress Codex and PHP in an advanced mode.

The above instructions are for your reference, and I asked a clarification which I need to know, to help you.
==> I am not sure what bcn_display(); does, it might be that you need to echo it
(code sample)

Have you done it?
Does it work?

==> Then, since you use layouts, you must have either modified the Theme Loop you are using, or you use Toolset Starter.

This information is also crucial, as if you have customised your own theme, you will know where you called the_ddlayout(), and then you can call the get_header() before that.

If you use Toolset Starter, you should use the Child theme, which is also available for download in the Download section.

Then you can customise the header directly, as that theme already includes Layouts, and the header template is called properly before the the_ddlayout().
The Starter Theme calls a specific header template:
get_header( 'layouts' );
So IF you use that theme, together with Layouts, look to edit the header-layouts.php file.

Please acknowledge that this forum is thought to get assistance for Toolset, a plugin to develop sites without Custom PHP Code.
If you require advanced PHP Code, which is beyond the scope of our support, I would suggest you consider contacting one of our certified partners from this link:

You will get the custom assistance you need to get on with your project.

With Toolset you will be able to achieve great things, knowing HTML And CSS.
However if you plan to customise your Applications or Themes with PHP, Toolset can help (with the part done in the WP Admin), but not with the part in PHP.
Since Toolset is a Wrapper for things you usually do in PHP, we do not provide Custom Code for PHP Solutions.


I'm using layouts with the toolset starter child theme.

I don't call the coding I need 'advanced' albeit that I (as a beginner) don't know how to implement it. As my thread title says 'I need a LITTLE help'.

I think it's a huge shame that Toolset isn't able to advise more specifically what to put where in order for Breadcrumbs NavXT to work (a plugin by the way that has been downloaded over 500,000 times).

I think Breadcrumbs are particularly important for the enduser. So, as I said previously, I will have to decide whether this is a deal breaker or not