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[Fermé] My ticket is not resolved!

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Last updated by Beda Il y a 5 années et 7 mois.

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I was responding to this ticket and I see it has been marked as resolved.

It is not resolved at all, in fact I have been waiting quite a while for a response.


Hello Oliver

That is because you have marked that Thread as resolved.
I did already reopen the related Ticket, as per early this Sunday morning, and deeply apologized the problems in that Ticket.

I elaborate there how the process is currently happening and I am still waiting for feedback from 2nd Tier and DEV Teams.

I Apologie again this is such a time consuming process.
I can not change the process of Tickets which are under status "Escalated to 2nd Tier", as this is above my control.

I have pushed the internal ticket and am awaiting feedback.

Thank you


I got an email that you guys are going to close this ticket. It is still not resolved.


We are not going to close any tickets, unless you mark them as resolved, or those are waiting for your FeedBack for more then 30 Days.

That Ticket is marked as "Escalated to 2nd Tier Support" and you should not get any Email from our Clean Up Robot.

If you despite all received a Email telling that this ticket is going to be closed (the other one) please can you forward me this Email Content?

It would be a bug in our Clean Up system and I would have to report it ASAP.

I can grant that the ticket, even if it owed be closed, is still registered internally as unresolved, and the 2nd tier is waiting for feedback from the DEV Of Access.

I apologize that it is taking longer there, I have pushed for a solution, but this is all I can do in my authority range.

Please can you provide me the Email's Content and all relevant Data, in case you still have it?

I would then report this to the SysDEV.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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