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[Résolu] multiple currencies in post fields

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Last updated by Shane Il y a 4 années et 10 mois.

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hi, i'm making that extended post types 'profile' page with lot of post field groups in it.
The site is in multiple languages but also multiple currencies.
For the payment-side of the project, i already set up the WCML with different currencies; guess i won't run into troubles there.
But for the non-payment side of things, I'm kind of stuck. In the 'profile' post type, i'm now creating the fields group 'rates' and the user will be able to write their rates (via cred). I'm not yet on cred, still making the field group now: there is the field type 'number' but i think i miss a field type or function 'amount' (something like that), where the user can put their rates in their currency (or the default currency), and those amounts would adapt to the surfer's currency preference settings when visiting the web (i included that currency selector shortcode from wcml).

So, is there a way, that a number (amount) can adapt itself to the selected currency, via post fields (or another way includable in the post type)?

Thanks a lot!



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Hi Filip,

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

Unfortunately not this wouldn't be possible without some form of custom coding. In order to achieve this you will need to create your own custom field type with some custom code and then allow it to adopt to the frontend currency preference.

I'm not able to assist with getting this done as it is something that is out of scope of what we can offer here as support.

For additional assistance and personalize work you can contact one of our certified consultants by going to the link below.