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[Fermé] Master Detail

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I have created a form that displays a specified list of custom posts by the currently logged in user. I would like the user to be able to click each post to edit the information (presumably with a CRED form). Do you have a tutorial or brief explanation of how to accomplish this? Sorry for the newbie question 🙂



Please let me know if my question is unclear. I have a very simple request that does not appear to be covered in the CRED user guide. I need to display a list of custom posts by the currently logged in user - and have the user be able to edit those posts by clicking on the post tile. The CRED manual includes instructions on inserting the edit form into a single-post page. But I would like to be able to choose which post to edit from a list of posts. Thanks


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Same question as your another thread:
Close this one, answered in above URL.

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