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[Résolu] Many to many relationships for parent/child posts

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I am trying to: associate multiple child posts with parent. A parent might have multiple children. A child might have multiple parents.

It's been 4 months since and I don't see this feature implemented.

Any update on this please? I don't want to have to use ACF as well as Types to achieve this, and I don't want to have to create an intermediary object as per your documentation on many-to-many, that just seems data bloat IMHO.





Thank you for contacting the Toolset support!

The feature is being considered seriously. The development team also think that it's important and useful. But is not easy to implement.

I think it will be added. But when exactly our developers will add a new feature or not is not up-to us to determine. Each issue reported in, whether a bug or a new feature request, is taken seriously into consideration. It is given a high or low priority based on a number of factors. Factors which those with the overview of all things related are in the best position to determine.

Best regards


Consider this still unresolved. (The cleanup robot emailed me to see if I needed help - the answer is yes).

Do we really need to install ACF to have a custom field that is an array of ID's for a specific post type? it doesn't seem that tricky. There's also hidden link but ideally this should be within the Toolset package.

Any updates on progress?




Sadly I can't estimate when this feature will be added.

As I told you the feature is being considered seriously but is not easy to implement. So I think it will take some time.

Kind Regards


That's a shame. It doesn't seem that difficult looking at other plugins that do the same (I've found 2 already).

It's just an array of ID's of a specific post type presented using their titles as a multi-select field.

Anyway... look forward to not having to look elsewhere.




I think that the problem is related to the integration within the Toolset parts. Not just to make it work inside Types. But I don't have enough knowledge to make a judgement about that.

I will pass your suggestions to the development team.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards


We are working on this feature now.

But when exactly our developers will add the Feature is not up-to us Supporters to determine.

I apologize any inconvenience this may cause.

I will close this ticket now, as it will be published in our ChangeLogs when we release this feature.

Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if other issues or problems arise

Thank you for your patience.