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[Résolu] Just these two things and I'll be ready to roll

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Last updated by Ronald E Il y a 8 années et 11 mois.

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I have been struggling with this for a week. I've read and re-read all the documentation and watched the videos 3 times and I still cannot figure this out. Anyone, please help, I'm desperate and dead in the water until I can figure this out.

1. I want to have a parent category (Services) display the Services Taxonomy only. Meaning when some one clicks on Services they see Beyond Therapy and the post type titles attached to beyond therapy.

Services root level (PAGE)- On thius page have it list the below:
-Beyond Therapy (TAXONOMY)
– – therapy service-1 (POST TYPE)
– – therapy service-2 (POST TYPE)

- Hand Therapy (TAXONOMY)
– – therapy service-3 (POST TYPE)
– – therapy service-4 (POST TYPE)

- Physical therapy (TAXONOMY)
– – therapy service-5 (POST TYPE)
– – therapy service-6 (POST TYPE)

2. If they select the Taxonomy (in this example Beyond Therapy) link on the drop down menu then display only the post types for that taxonomy

-Physical Therapy (TAXONOMY)
– – therapy service-5 (POST TYPE)
– – therapy service-6 (POST TYPE)

You can see my feeble attempt at doing number 1:
hidden link

and number 2 in my request. Number 2 I'm a little closer but I can't figure out how to apply a template to Taxonomy.

hidden link

I sometimes wonder if I am doing things right ant Headwaythemes is messing things up hence my request. If I have directiosn on how to set this up correctly I can figure out if indeed Headwaythemes UI framework is behind all my misery.


Dear Ronald.

1) You will need at least 2 Views:

An outer view and an inner view. The outer View will display the custom taxonomies. To limit it only to Services, add a filter saying so in the View.

This has to be a normal View inserted into a page, not an WordPress Archive. I think you already have it this way.

The inner will display the posts that belong to that taxonomy. The approach is explained here:

2) Here you have an WordPress Archive. The problem here is that the query for this type of view is already defined by WordPress and we only get to change the layout. If you want further control over this View, create a normal View instead. You can filter the contents with a parameter from the URL.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Thanks Caridad,

I am so close to getting this dialed in but after much effort I am still at a stalemate. I have the Taxonomy titles displaying correctly on the Services page. However, the post titles related to the taxonomy titles are not separating into there appropriate categories... instead all custom post types are displayed under each heading.

You can see at hidden link

The settings for the 2 views are as follows:

Service List View
> view: normal
> filter: selects Taxonomy of type Therapy Services Taxonomy, ordered by ID, ascending
> view layout: Taxonomy title with a link
> view layout 2: Taxonomy View - Services List Inner View - Post View (setting up the view within a view)

Service List Inner View
> view: normal
> filter: Therapy Services Post Type, ordered by post date, descending
> view layout: Title with a link

Am I missing a setting? Or for this too work right do I need a parent in the custom taxonomy? Meaning

currently the taxonomy is set like this:
physical therapy
hand therapy
specialize therapy
beyond therapy

should it be (where the thereapies are children of services)
-- physical therapy
-- hand therapy
-- specialize therapy
-- beyond therapy


For the second (2) thing ->

"Here you have an WordPress Archive." So when I have the taxonomy name available in Appearance>menus and I add it to the menu, WP just creates the page on it's own? I can't add any more content to this View because there is no way to apply a Views template to it?

"..create a normal View instead." How do you create a normal view of a Taxonomy name? All I see for options is name, slug, parent and description and add new in that admin screen.

"You can filter the contents with a parameter from the URL." you mean a certain setting when creating the view for this taxonomy... when I learn how to do that?


Dear Ronald,

You are missing a filter in the child view. Click on the 'Add another filter' button and select 'Post Relationship'. Here you can select related posts that are a child of the post where this View is inserted.



For # 1) - I did just exactly that. "Select related posts that are a child of the post where this View is inserted. " was selected, and upon screen refresh this would display

"No posts found " under each taxonomy title. What do you think could be wrong?


Dear Ronald,

You are right, this must be a bug in the latest update.

Im sending this to the developers for fixing and we will release an update soon with this.



Let me know how I can assist in squashing this bug!


... sorry to be a pest but I don't get a paycheck until this site is done. Is there another way I can accomplish what I outlined above? Or do you recommend waiting and that the bug should be fixed fairly soon?


a foot note: I installed the latest updates for Views and types and the bug still remains the same.


I've dedicated a page to this bug in the hopes of getting it fixed quickly.

hidden link

Is anyone else having this problem?


Eureka!!!! I figured out Question #2 after watching "Types and Views tutorials 7/7" for the fifth time.

For those as daft (another way of saying right-brain dominant) as me here are the steps to affect change on a WP archive page created by a Custom Post Type Taxonomy .

1. Create a new View
2. Change it to archive View
3. Select the CPT taxonomy under Taxonomy loops
4. Add the fields and layout style
5. And "BAM" the boring WP archive view is showing what I want it to show

it's so simple now that I know the steps!


glad I posted the archive info... it stopped working and I came back here followed the steps and it works again