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[Résolu] Invalid site key for the current site

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I am trying to: update plugins

In Plugins - Invalid site key for the current site - is showing against Access, CRED, Types and Views. Also similar reports on other registered sites. I tried entering the key and it is being rejected.



As the warning message you mentioned above, please follow our document to setup the site key for your website:

And test again.


Yes thanks Luo

The site is registered and I see

Unregister Toolset from this site Check for updates
Toolset is registered on this site. Your Lifetime account gives you updates for life.

Against the plugins I see
WP Views
Deactivate | Edit | Getting started | Register
When you need to create lists of items, Views is the solution. Views will query the content from the database, iterate through it and let you display it with flair. You can also enable pagination, search, filtering and sorting by site visitors.
Version | By ICanLocalize | View details

There is a new version of WP Views available. View version 2.5.2 details or update now.
You need to have a valid subscription in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a subscription or enter an existing site key.

I checked another site and saw the same messages - strangely though - that site allowed updating so I have updated plugins but the registration message still shows even though the site is registered.

Very odd


I just checked it with our developers, it is a known issue, it will be fixed in the next version of Types plugin, which will be released soon.

Currently, you can still update from the commercial page:
Dashboard-> Plugins-> click button "Add new"-> Commercial


Thanks Luo

I thought it might be something like that. It'snot a problem if you ignore the message and just cary on and update.

Kind regards

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