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[Résolu] Installed Toolset-Bootstrap and Layouts, but cells stack instead of rows

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I am trying to: Use Toolset Bootstrap and Layouts for the first time. I have submitted a ticket about this problem before, but its been a few days and I really need to keep moving here:

I love Toolset plugins (normally) and it seems to me that using Layouts in combination with Toolset Bootstrap might give me a realistic alternative to running my sites on the Genesis Framework with endless Views shortcodes. If you think I'm right, please help me..!

I am an intermediate programmer, but I do learn well. However, I am really struggling with the documentation for Layers and Toolset. I'm sure its just me, but there seem to be some important steps missed out, perhaps because by and large your customers are better coders, and know more about the intricacies of WordPress, child themes and bootstrap, than I do.

Please can you answer these questions. Simple though they may sound:

1. Does toolset-bootstrap come with bootstrap already installed, or is there something else I need to do to install bootstrap too. (I imagine it does, but I need to rule this out of the possible reasons for why its not working for me).

2. I have created a child theme to work with on my first Layouts/Toolset-Boostrap project, and have read about how to run the child's css instead of the parent's on several sources, including this:
And this:
(which helped me to set up the child theme in the first place)

... but I still can't do it. So what is the best way to reference the child css and have it as the file which appears in Appearance|Theme Options|CSS when 'Save CSS to database' is selected ? - I don't want to find the CSS is overwritten when there is a theme update.

3. Regarding Layouts: (I am using it with the Toolset-Bootstrap theme and no other plugins): What might I be doing wrong for all my cells to appear in different rows, instead of the same row as I put them? I have read a lot about grids Bootstrap docs and in toolset-bootstrap, and in Layouts. But I can't see why its not working for me. Please see this page, where I am experimenting with Layouts:
hidden link
The menu *should* be next to the logo, not beneath it. The logo has 2 columns in the grid and the menu has 10.
The page content (with an image right-aligned) has 10 columns and the sidebar 2. I even turned sidebars off for this page-type in the toolset-bootstrap options incase it was being forced downwards by it, but it didn't fix it.
What am I doing wrong?

I can sense that Toolset-Bootstrap and Layouts, when combined with Types and Views (which I already use extensively on all my sites) will give a whole new dimension to the ease of site building, but I'm just stuck on some basics at the moment...

I'm including 2 screenshots of the layers used to create the Hereabouts page (url above).
Your help with these 3 questions would be much appreciated. Thank you


I'm really sorry to hear that, we are working hard to improve the Layouts documentation, to make it easy for beginners and advanced. Can you help me to understand where should we improve that? Where are you stuck? What can we do to make it more easy to read?

1. Actually we have 3 themes with Bootstrap:

Layouts demo for Bootstrap 2 - it comes with Bootstrap 2, we don't recommend this one for Layouts anymore, because Layouts works better with Bootstrap 3.
Layouts demo for Bootstrap 3 - it comes with Bootstrap 3, we do recommend this one to use with Layouts.
Toolset Bootstrap - it comes with Bootstrap 2. We have plans to update it to Bootstrap 3 in the future, but I don't have a date yet, sorry. So, we don't recommend to use this one with Layouts.

As you can notice, we recommend you to use Layouts with any WordPress theme that uses Bootstrap 3, not only of us.

2. I recommend you the Layouts demo for Bootstrap 3, so you can not find this CSS option in Theme Options. So you don't need to worry about that anymore.

3. Please try the same thing using Layouts demo for Bootstrap 3. It will not work well with Toolset Bootstrap.


Thanks for that Adriano

Yes, installing Layouts Demo for Bootstrap 3 from this link: - certainly solved the issue of having cells appear stacked instead of in rows.

Wow - what a difference that makes.

So my mistake all along was to download and install the wrong version of Toolset Bootstrap. Heck...!
In case you don't already know, I'm a huge advocate of all you guys do at Toolset and I think your software makes like so much easier for me. This is just one of those rare times when I wish I had known about the different versions available for download. From what I read it sounded like there was only one.

Now that I have the right one, I can get moving. Exciting times ahead - thanks...!


Glad to hear that. You are welcome.

If you find anything difficult to understand/follow in our documentation, please let us know. We are working to improve it.


Dear Adriano,

As a beginner to Toolset, when we see "Layouts demo for Bootstrap 3" and we usually won't want to use because it is a demo, for a production site, we won't expect to have too many other data installed. I think the word "demo" make us scared to use. I install the Toolset Bootstrap and find a lot of problem when making the Child theme.

After I read this article, I understand I should use the "Layouts demo for Bootstrap 3" as my parent theme and then make my child theme.

I would recommend Toolset to separate the Layouts and demo data. It may help more beginners to download the latest version of Layouts and not misunderstand it is just a demo version of Bootstrap.

For the documentation of Theme integration, I repeatedly read and

Honestly it is not easy to be understood if user is not too familiar with WordPress the programming.

I would recommend Toolset to have more clear instruction such as quoting more example. It can take WordPress default theme as example, clear mention which file should be copied or modified.

Hope my sharing can help more new users in Toolset.

Best regards,



I'd just like to 100% echo the sentiments of the above users.