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[Résolu] Install white page when activating plugins

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Last updated by tony Il y a 11 années.


I used the automated install to install the various modules.

The first one was fine (WP Views) but each time I "activated" the next, I got a blank white screen with a url that looked like this:
hidden link

The only way to unlock this was to rename the downloaded directory, which unlocked the plugin section of WordPress, and then I renamed it back.

Unfortunately I cannot activate some of the modules - CRED and ACCESS. When I try I just get the white screen.

I seem to recall this being a general problem but don't know how to get round it!

I am using the standard Responsive free theme and the only other plugin is Akismet, which is not activated.


I found an answer to this - not sure if it is the correct fix but it has allowed me to activate the two plugins.

This is what I did.

I downloaded wp-config.php with FTP
Added the following line:


saved and uploaded (keeping a copy of the original .php file just in case.

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