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[Résolu] Inconsistent view to Add and Edit CRED form

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Last updated by kelvinL-2 Il y a 7 années et 10 mois.

Assigned support staff: Waqas.


Dear Kelvin,

there are no steps, a patched version of CRED has been uploaded with a fix (other than other features).

In plugins directory you should find another CRED install (Version 1.3.4 dev ) which is the currently active and the one you should use in production too.

Please let me know if you need further help, best regards

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.44.21 PM.jpg

Dear Riccardo,

Thanks for your effort. By the way, as we don't need to have a custom page for the CRED Edit Form, could you instruct me which file under the Layout Demo for Bootstrap 3 is controlling the layout of the CRED Edit Form, can I have my custom layout for this?

Those section in screenshot I don't want to show up in Edit view.

Below is the directly of the Edit sample

hidden link

Best regards



Dear Kelvin,

there is no need to have a custom cell or edit the any .php file, you have full control on the CRED output by simply editing the form itself, in your case i think you want to remove from here: hidden link this content (probably not complete , but as an example):

<div class="cred-field cred-field-_featured_image">
		<label class="cred-label">
Featured Image
		[cred_field field="_featured_image" value="" urlparam=""]

to remove the image and this one for taxonomies:

<div class="cred-group cred-group-taxonomies">
		<div class="cred-taxonomy cred-taxonomy-category">
			<div class="cred-header"><h3>Categories</h3></div>
			[cred_field field="category" display="checkbox"]
			<div class="cred-taxonomy-auxilliary cred-taxonomy-auxilliary-category_add_new">
				[cred_field field="category_add_new" taxonomy="category" type="add_new"]
		<div class="cred-taxonomy cred-taxonomy-post_tag">
			<div class="cred-header"><h3>Tags</h3></div>
			[cred_field field="post_tag"]
			<div class="cred-taxonomy-auxilliary cred-taxonomy-auxilliary-post_tag_popular">
				[cred_field field="post_tag_popular" taxonomy="post_tag" type="show_popular"]

Please let me know if you need further help to achieve what you want,


Dear Riccardo Strobbia,

Noted. If I want to have custom layout (for example, removing the sidebar or replace another header content), how can I do?

Layout can only be used on specific post type or page, what is the post type or page for CRED Edit?



Dear Kelvin,

CRED edit is out of the Layout rendering hierarchy as it is set from the Layouts GUI, i suggest to use a different method to assign a layout to that page.

What you should do is something like:

1. Create a layout to render CRED edit form, the layout should have a CRED cell with this form as its content ( hidden link);
2. Edit the form as I told you in my previous comment to display only the relevant informations.
3. in functions.php file add this code (you want to modify this example with the right data):

add_action('get_layout_id_for_render', 'get_layout_id_to_render_edit_form',  888,  2 );

function get_layout_id_to_render_edit_form( $id, $args ){

                    if( isset( $_GET['cred-edit-form'] ) && $_GET['cred-edit-form'] == 3072 ){

                                   $id = (int) $THE_ID_OF_THE_LAYOUT_YOU_WANT_TO_USE;                                                                                          

               return $id;     

The 'cred-edit-form' form value may vary depending on the edit form you want to use, I've used the one you have in the test site.

Hope this helps,


Dear Riccardo and Waqas,

Many thanks for your both support and solve my problem.

For the CRED Edit, I would recommend Layout can also support for it as sometimes when we allow user to modify the content, we may need him/her to follow some requirement, so we can embed the requirement into the CRED Edit page.

Anyway, thanks again for your both patient and help.

Best regards,