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[Résolu] Image in category

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Last updated by Dido Il y a 8 années et 4 mois.

Assigned support staff: Bigul.


I have a few categories on hidden link like hidden link

my problem is: I put the image in a cpt and use this code in my category.php: <?php echo(types_render_field("afbeelding", array("alt"=>"$titel", "title"=>"$titel","width"=>"415","height"=>"415","proportional"=>"true"))); ?>

It works well, but I want to show up the image of the newest post, and not the oldest from the 3 on the page.

how can I fix this?



Dear Dido,

Please share the codes you are using to listing the images. You need to rewrite it.

With Regards



I made 2 fields.
1 is a textfield (afbeelding) and the other a wywiwyg field. in the wysiwyg field I put a diashow using simple viewer.

This is the whole code I use in the single.php and in the category.php

<div id="cpt">
<?php echo(types_render_field("diashow", array("alt"=>"$titel", "title"=>"$titel", "width"=>"416","height"=>"500","proportional"=>"true"))); ?>

<?php echo(types_render_field("afbeelding", array("alt"=>"$titel", "title"=>"$titel","width"=>"415","height"=>"415","proportional"=>"true"))); ?>



Dear Dido,

Possible solution will be you have to re-order the WP Query from last to first. Then call following types API code.

< ?php echo(types_render_field("diashow", array("alt"=>"$titel", "title"=>"$titel", "width"=>"416","height"=>"500","proportional"=>"true"))); ?>
< ?php echo(types_render_field("afbeelding", array("alt"=>"$titel", "title"=>"$titel","width"=>"415","height"=>"415","proportional"=>"true"))); ?>

Please check this link for more details.

With Regards



Thanks Bigul, this was the solution. Because it was a little complicated for me, I asked a programmer to solve it for me. I can use this code for other websites too.
hidden link

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