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[Résolu] I notice some breking changes with Divi 4

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Last updated by Stephen Vaughan Il y a 1 an et 11 mois.

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With Divi 4 I have noticed a number of issues.

Some mainly relate to styling whereby Divi is now injecting another layer of div into the mix:

<div class="et-l et-l--post">...</div>

I see this wrapped Innside the <div id="et-boc" class="et-boc"> html.

I have found that a view loop template that uses the divi builder doesn't function anymore. The loop items seem to point the the same item and not all the various posts of the type.

Thankfully I have only one example of this and it is on a test site on localhost. I have reverted to the original coded version of views for the moment. I am currently moving away from the Toolset/Divi integration anyway to use the new theme builder in Divi 4. I will say the dynamic content setup in this new system is very limited. They have engineered things so you can not access the custom fields for assigned to custom post types with the dynamic content setup. You can work blind though and either design the layout directly on a post where you can access the custom post and then migrate it over to the a new template in the theme builder. Or, work blind and use the shortcodes for fields directly in the template.

At this point Elegant Themes have it set to using a post content module (the equivalent of post-body) which can be designed into a more expansive layout with the builder. Funnily enough if you are working on a WooCommerce product in the new theme builder all the product fields are available. And I note that if you use Elementor you get access to all field in it's templating.

Amy info on wether there will be any fixes updates on this, much appreciated.



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Hi Stephen

We are aware Divi has released version 4 which includes significant changes that affect Toolset compatibility, but our developer resources are currently focused on Toolset, and we don't have any time scheduled currently to update the Divi compatibility layer. For now that means sticking to Divi version 3.

When the current block-editor work goes to production—hopefully in a matter of weeks—we should be in a position to re-assess the development priorities. With that in mind, I would suggest submitting a request to add compatibility for Divi 4, so that the product manager is aware of the demand at that time:


I will keep an eye on updates.



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Actually Stephen, if you want to elaborate on what your preferred workflow would be with Divi and Toolset given that you might now be using Divi for post templates instead of Toolset, then that can help us decide what's the best way to proceed when we do look to add compatibility with Divi 4, so feel free to share here and I'll keep a note of it.

Also any specific things you identify within that workflow that break.


Will do. I will put my ideas through by the request link. Give me a some time to mull over what I think.


I just noticed my typo in the original ticket -> breking. Might as well be Brexit changes with the UK with the times we are living in!


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!