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[Résolu] How to update Views (other than manually)

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Since Blocks have been launch, Views is no more supported as automatic updates (even if new versions appears from time to time in our Toolset dashboard).
Is there a way to update Views in the WordPress admin other than using the manual process ?

Second, Toolset is pushing to move to Blocks (that should replace Views + Layouts if I understand well). What are the steps we need to follow to make this move in old sites? Is it something easy (just enables Blocks and disable Views an Layouts) or more complex (meaning rewrite all views ans templates?).

Just for info, I have some bad experience after Toolset move away from the themes business (Toolset Starter) which has needed big efforts to update to a new theme !




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Hi Pat

The installer page is undergoing an update so that plugins such as Layouts and Views will be moved to a legacy tab, much like they are in the downloads page, but as a temporary measure they have been removed from installer because we had a problem where new clients were installing everything, just because, and should not be installing Layouts at all and Views should not be installed as well as Blocks. It will hopefully be updated soon.

In the meantime that means manually updating Views, or you could switch to the Blocks plugin (and then go to Toolset > Settings and choose the classic Views UI if you prefer that), and Blocks will be available for automatic updates.

You don't need to convert older sites to use Blocks, but we would encourage you to use it on new sites. Only if you were planning a major update of an older site would we suggest transitioning it to Blocks, and that would involve recreating your templates using Content Templates instead of Layouts, etc., although you wouldn't necessarily need to make changes to your Views unless you wanted to redesign the output of them.

I suggest you try Blocks on a new project, and when you are more familiar with it you'll know whether it makes sense to make changes to existing sites.



Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your return.

I will of course follow your advices, even if I'm not a fan of block management !!!
I'm happy to hear that Views and Layouts will be again integrated inside the legacy tab !