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[Résolu] How to add post meta when inserting posts with wp_insert_post

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.

Problem: Client wants to add post meta at the same time as inserting posts with the function wp_insert_post.

Solution: Add the post meta fields as an array using the meta_input parameter.

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Hi there!

i'm writing a plugin that inserts posts using wordpress wp_insert_post($args) function
as you know there should be a "post_meta" key in the $args array

a have a post type with a costume field group,
i can handle the insertion process, using a wpcf- prefix before field name, and all type of fields works fine except the date-type field.
for example i have a date format like this: "7/8/2017"
i can convert that to time stamp using php DateTime class,
well, how can i assign this timestamp to 'wpcf-myfield' key of post_meta array ?

'wpcf-myfield' => $timeStamp
'wpcf-myfield' => $orginalForm

don't in use



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Hi there

If you want to add post meta directly using wp_insert_post you add the post meta fields as an array using the meta_input parameter (

A Types date field is stored as a timestamp, and you can convert dates from a string format to a timestamp using the PHP strtotime function: hidden link

I think that is the part you are missing.